Sunday, July 27, 2008

BiGGie`s "`92-93 DeMo TaPe"...

I really miss Biggie, his vibe`s just somethin` that`s been missin` from HiP HoP now~a~days & all the mixtape remixes with old Biggie verses just can`t seem to fill that void. Anyway, I found this joint while DiGG`n thru some CD`s one of my homies gave me the other day. It features some rare Biggie demo tracks, down side is that it has DJ Mike Nice shoutin` all thru `em. It`s worth a listen if you want to catch a glimpse of Biggie in raw form before he was signed. If anyone has these tracks without the DJ CHiT~CHaTTeR please hook me up! For now check this joint out...

1. Unsigned Hype Demo Tape
2. Another Rough One [Demo]
3. Biggie With The Hype Shit [`92 Demo]
4. So Whatcha Want? [`93 Demo]
5. Macs & Dons [Unreleased]
6. Blazing Chronic [Unreleased]
7. Can I Get With Ya [Extra Verse Version]

R.i.P. B.i.G...

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