Monday, December 15, 2008

BoSS BiTCH`s "PSyCHo"...

I had to ask one of my homieS about this female rapper because honestly I had never heard of her until said~homie put me on to a track called "Cock It Man". It`s an obvious gun~play track, but I found that the hook kept me singin` it....LoL, anyway Boss Bitch has a unique rap style -- at times she can get wil` & crazy like Mystikal on the mic. She`s down with The Raise Up Click a.k.a. The R-U-C. If you DiGG Gangsta Boo & La Chat you`ll like this joint, so check it out...

Boss Bitch - Psycho
Label: Power Records
Released: April 4, 2000

1. Warning {ft. DJ Sticky Boots}
2. Intro
3. Tear It Up {ft. Corrosion}
4. Why You Hatin`? {ft. Jason, Coop & $mikes}
5. Psycho {ft. Krazy K}
6. I Told You
7. Slackin` On Yo` Pimpin`
8. What You Want?
9. Boss Bitch
10. Creepin` {ft. Corrosion}
11. Cock It Man
12. Womb To The Tomb {ft. The Raise Up Click}
13. Raise Up Army {ft. Corrosion}
14. Can`t Nobody Do It Better


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