Saturday, December 20, 2008

CaMoFLauGe`s "On YouR OwN"...

HiPHoPCaNaDa.CoM & Camoflauge a.k.a. Gangis Khan hook`D up for this bangin` street album "On Your Own". Camo` repS Toronto`s Scarborough region, but he`s actually Indian. Born in Kuwait, he & his brothers were sent to Scarborough because their folks wanted them to have better opportunties. Camo` possesses a powerful voice, has DoPe quoteables & when he wants to he can connect with the listeners when he dropS heart~felt lyrics. If you`d like to find out a lil` more about Camoflauge he did a nice interview with HiPHoPCaNaDa.CoM back in May, you can read it here. As for this street album, there`s a good mix of club~friendly Radio~type tuneS, some `Hood jointS & then there`s the deep/ emotional trackS to balance things out so enjoy...

Camoflauge - I`d Like To Know You/ On Your Own...

Camoflauge {ft. Stretch Diesel} - Grinding...

1. Training Camp [Prod. by Killa Kong]
2. I`ll Wet Chya [Prod. by Vokab]
3. Machine Gun {ft. Richie Sosa} [Prod. by Vokab]
4. The Bad Guy [Prod. by Killa Kong]
5. I`d Like To Know You [Prod. by Jonny Bosco]
6. Money Ting [Prod. by Jonny Bosco]
7. Around Us [Prod. by Killa Kong]
8. On Your Own [Prod. by Vokab]
9. Lick 2 Shots {ft. Big Blax} [Prod. by Rugged One]
10. Always, Everday {ft. Bishop Brigante} [Prod. by Vokab]
11. On Your Mind {ft. Set2} [Prod. by Vokab]
12. Scattered Thoughts Pt. 2 [Prod. by Crippled Chemist]
13. My Little Girl [Prod. by JayLab]
14. So Lonely [Prod. by Crippled Chemist]
15. Grindin` {ft. Stretch Diesel} [Prod. by Jonny Bosco]
16. Pull It [Prod. by Killa Kong]
17. You Know My Name [Prod. by Rugged One]
18. Everything`s Nice [Prod. by Killa Kong]


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