Friday, December 12, 2008

MeNaJaHTwa`S "CHa-LiCiouS"...

This female HiP HoP group from Compton, California may have only been a duo, but they went by the name Menajahtwa -- yes you pronounce it just as it`s spelled out....LoL, maybe it`s because that`s what it became when Spice & Royal T teamed up on the mic over a beat. Or maybe it was just used to attract attention, who really knows? What I do know is that these two emceeS made their debut back in 1992 on the late Eazy-E`s "5150: Home 4 Tha Sick" EP on the track "Merry Mutha Phukkin` X-Mas" alongside the A.T.B.A.N. Klann (y`all should remember them:) who were also making their debut at the time...

About 2 yearS later they dropped their only album titled "Cha-Licious" on Ruthless Records in 1994. Featuring some nice G-FuNK~type production from DJ U-Neek, DJ Yella, D-Dawg & Rhythm D. Eazy-E, Gangsta Dresta, B.G. Knocc, Leicy Loc & The Fyrm all make guest appearances on the album. I don`t know anything about the last 2 guests, so if anyone can SCHooL me by all meanS do it up....LoL, anyways "Cha-Licious" had 2 singles; "La La La" & "Giv Tha Azz 2 No 1", a powerful anti~rape record. The album failed commercially & it`s 2 singles didn`t even hit up the Billboard Charts...

Despite the failure of "Cha-Licious" Menajahtwa remained together for a few more years. Making an appearance Eazy-E`s 1996 album "Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Mutha Phukkin` Compton" on the track titled "Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street" alongside B.G. Knocc Out & Gangsta Dresta. They followed up that appearance with another in 1997 on Adina Howard`s "Swerve On" from the "(Freak) And You Know It" Maxi~Single (you can get that single here, BiG~Up EaR CaNDy ReMiX!). A lil` while after that `97 appearance the group broke up & now they`re featured on XXL (the HiP HoP Mag`) Milk Cartons...

Menajahtwa - Cha-Licious
Label: Ruthless Records
Released: August 24, 1994

1. Breaka
2. Cha-licious
3. Neva Krepp
4. Just Tha Bitch `N Me {ft. Leicy Loc}
5. Kuz It`z Like Dat {ft. Gangsta Dresta & The Fyrm}
6. La La La {ft. Traci Nelson}
7. Do What Chu Gotta Do
8. Break [Skit]
9. Back 2 Da O.G. {ft. Eazy-E}
10. I Ain't Nasti
11. Give Tha Azz 2 No 1
12. Kickin Azz {ft. B.G. Knocc Out}
13. Kumin Attrackshun
14. Kruz Wit Me
15. Da Laz Shit {ft. Gangsta Dresta}


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Anonymous said...

these girls also released another album in 98 they changed their name to Twa-Zay the album was called "Who'z Party"