Sunday, April 05, 2009

HuRRiCaNe G`s "ALL WoMaN"...

What`s good my ViSiToRS/ ReaDeRS? Today I`ve got another hard to find out of print album for y`all to check out. Being a BiG fan of the female emceeS that HiP HoP has to offer, I just had to post up Hurrican G`s debut album "All Woman". The album was released in 1997 on H.O.L.A. Recordings & Jellybean Benitez was the executive producer. He`s done some Dance Music & has a lil` association with Madonna, so it was only natural for him to executive produce a Rap album......LoL, just kidding I was a lil` surprised myself! Don`t worry the BeaTS aren`t Pop or Dance Music influenced. This lil` bit will explain how G link`D up with Jellybean; sometime in 1994 the Brooklyn native was signed with Capitol, but she wasn`t considered a major priority -- she was dropped, becoming another one of the vicitimS of the label`s downsizing. So in early 1997 she reemerged on producer Jellybean Benitez` New York~based
H.O.L.A. Recordings (an acronym for "Home Of Latino Artists.")...

For those that aren`t familiar with Hurrican G I`ll give ya the low~down. Born & raised in Brooklyn, Gloria Rodriguez better known as female emcee Hurricane G became the first female member of the Def Squad in the early `90's. Though she SPiTS most of her rhymes in English she does drop some in Spanish as well, rappin` in a 'Newyorican' dialect; a type of Spanish/ 'Spanglish' that`s spoken by many Puerto Ricans in & around the Big Apple. Hurricane has a very straight~forward & direct style of rappin` (similar to EMPD`s) & her voice sounds like Rosie Perez & Left Eye (R.i.P.) meshed together with a tough~girl attitude. Far from a lyrical genius, at times her flowS sound choppy. She does tend to boast a lot, but most emceeS now~a~dayS do that....LoL, she shows `nuff vulnerability on "Mama" - a poigant & touchin` ode to her mother. She`s also worked with Redman, Keith Murray, Das EFX, Xzibit, Deliquent Habits, Cocoa Brovaz, Tony Touch, Funk Doobiest, P. Diddy, Ras Kass & others. Another lil` tidbit of info`, apparently she has a daughter (Lexus Sermon) with Erick Sermon. So if you`re curious or a fan of her`s, check out the album...

Hurricane G - All Woman
Label: H.O.L.A. Recordings
Released: September 16, 1997

1. Intro
2. All The Way Live
3. Underground Lockdown
4. Roc U
5. Somebody Else
6. El Barrio [Spanish Version]
7. Mama
8. Wuteva
9. Boriqua Mami
10. Coast To Coast {ft. Das EFX}
11. G, Toya & Nini
12. No Love
13. Neva Give Up
14. De Corazon
15. Outro
16. El Barrio [English Version] [Bonus Track]
17. ? [Bonus Track]


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