Monday, April 13, 2009

WyZe iNTeLLeCT PReSeNTs "MeDiTaTioN (CHaPTeR I)"...

Here`s an iLL compilation put together by Wyze Intellect. What I DiG about this project is that it features katS not only from Canada & the US, but also Ireland & the UK...a global affair well worth the listen, so check it out...

1. Meditation [Intro]
2. Where Did It All Go Wrong? {Dcypha} (-Toronto, CA-)
3. On Our Way {P.A.} (-Toronto, CA-)
4. Hunger {Sage The Infinite} (-New Jersey, USA-)
5. Real Time & Money {Student Of Battle} (-Massachusets, USA-)
6, Sunshine {The Voyce ft. Young U} (-Toronto, CA-)
7. My Name {Kastaway} (-Chicago-USA-)
8. Livin` Legend {Terawrizt} (-Dublin, IE)
9. Contemplation {Side-F-X} (-Ottawa, CA-)
10. Meditation [Interlude]
11. Satisfy My World {Nigel Woodz ft. Mystique Soule} [Prod. by Wyze & Nu-Aira] (-Toronto, CA-)
12. Surrender {Anterluz} (-California, USA-)
13. Sparkle {P Genz} [Prod. by Wyze & Nu-Aira] (-New Jersey, USA-)
14. How We Do {P-Hill} [Prod. by Wyze & Nu-Aira] (-Haiti-)
15. High Rolla! {Prolific} (-Montreal, CA-)
16. V.U.D.U. {Mindbender} (-Toronto, CA-)
17. Poetic Justice [Rmx] {Street Juggernauts (Chino Cartel)} (-Florida, USA-)
18. Pass The Message {Supreme} (-New York, USA-)
19. T.K.O. {Chris Morale} [Prod. by Wyze & Westnyle] (-New Jersey, USA-)
20. Take The 1st Step {Donna} (-Lancashire, UK-)
21. Understand It {Dcypha} (-Toronto, CA-)
22. Meditation [Outro] [Prod. by Wyze & Deedz]



Wyze Intellect said...

thanks for the support man!
im glad you're feelin the mixtape
i appreciate you spreading the word
much more good music comin soon...

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

Not a problem homie! I`m a BiG fan of GooD music so I`ve gotta support it when I get the chance, especially now~a~days when there`s a lot of weak ish floodin` the game. Thanks for stoppin` by, keep that fiyah comin`...

STaY BLeSS`n...