Sunday, October 04, 2009

YouNG SoLDieRZ` "YouNG SoLDieRZ"...

Got some more of that over~look`D WeST CoaST ish for y`all & it comes in the form of the Young Soldierz. Now for those that don`t know, the Young Soldierz were a group of rappers from Inglewood & Watts, California. They got together & formed during the making of the Bloods & Crips project titled "Bangin` On Wax" which was released thru Dangerous Records. The group was comprised of members; Big Wy, Dog, Pops & Lil` Stretch. Their first & only self~titled album, "Young Soldierz" was released in 1994 thru Dangerous Records. The album spawned two hit singles; "Alligator" & "If Tomorrow Comes"...

Shortly after the Bloods & Crips dropped their second album titled "Bangin` On Wax 2...The Saga Continues" the Young Soldierz met Death Row Records` co-founder Suge Knight & they eventually signed to Tha Row. They ended up getting some shine with a track placement on the soundtrack for "Murder Was The Case", that track was the "East Side, West Side [Rmx]". They also had a track on the "Gang Related Soundtrack", that track was titled "Take A Nigga Like Me". Those two tracks were pretty much the extent of their career on Death Row. The group broke up in 1998 around the same time that Tha Row was struggling. After the break up Big Wy & Dog (now Suga Buga) recorded "How Deep Is Your Hood" with the Damu Ridas. Later on they continued to rap by forming the group The Relatives. So there y`all have it, a lil` rundown of who the Young Soldierz are - now all ya gotta do is check out their music...

Young Soldierz - Young Soldierz
Released: February 2, 1994
Label: Dangerous Records

1. Alligator {ft. Keystone} (3:52)
2. If Tomorrow Comes {ft. Tammi Holt} (5:09)
3. In The Mornin` Man {ft. Dog} (4:00)
4. In The Pen [Skit] (0:27)
5. When I Think Of Home (4:46)
6. Flex Back To My Dog House (5:13)
7. Stressin` I Ain`t Livin` Right (5:03)
8. Wanted Child (5:12)
9. Cut Throat Punk [Skit] (0:08)
10. Tough Guy {ft. Dog} (4:08)
11. You Better Know (Who Your Homies Are) (5:31)
12. Mama Said (4:08)
13. Straight Gangsta Mack (4:07)
14. S.I.S. [Skit] (0:06)
15. Buck `Em With The 9 {ft. Nini X} (4:12)
16. East Side, West Side {ft. Keystone, TB Loc, Popps, Freeze, Big Strech & Flip} (7:46)
17. Outro (4:12)


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