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HeaTHeR HuNTeR`s "The UnExPeCTeD"...

Re~WRiTTeN with Re~uPP`d LiNKs as of 08.03.2014...

For those that have been livin` under a rock Heather Hunter is mostly known for her porn` career, adult film if ya want to get all technical. She`s appeared in numerous flicks & is the first African America woman to be inducted into the Adult Film Hall Of Fame. What some of y`all may not know is that her roots in HiP HoP go a lil` ways back, she used to work at the famed Latin Quarter club back in the day...

"My first memory of Hip Hop was the first time I actually saw Public Enemy perform at "Latin Quarter." It was a famous Hip Hop club in the early `80's, basically in the beginning of Hip Hop. I saw Public Enemy perform & that inspired me. That`s when I was consumed with Hip Hop..."


She LiNK`d up with the likes of DJ Premier, Scott Storch, Phantom Of The Beat & A Freedom Lyles for production on her album. Heather`s known DJ Premier since she was 15 years old...

"It`s so funny... I`ve been in this industry & I`ve had a career for 20 years, I have a lot of history. I grew up with a lot of people, DJ Premier I`ve known since I was fifteen years old. I used to work at the club Latin Quarter, so a lot of the Hip Hop artists that are huge today are people that I basically knew all my Life. Or we`ve been in the same club scene, the same night life through all these years. DJ Premier, I met him that way. With Scott Storch, Scott Storch came through. He really came to the table giving me the love & support of seeing me succeed, he`s a very close friend of mine. I consider him family. So, a lot of people that supported this album & put together this album were people that really want to see me succeed in life..."

When asked about her album & how long it took to complete here`s what she had to say...

"I`ve been working on my album itself for about a year & a half, 2 years. Mastering the craft of rapping & being good at it. I have been working on that about 6 or 7 years.

..."The Unexpected" as in the content of my album, I would think that would be kind of expected because I`ve never been shy of my past. I embrace the sexual industry part of me, as well as the mainstream. I've always tried to collaborate them both. "The Unexpected" part of my album is that I can actually rhyme, I`m actually a good rapper. [chuckles] People are shocked by that because when I took on the craft of learning how to rap, it was unexpected to me as well. I guess when you truly have a passion for something, you`re really gonna do your best. I found my niche musically. I used to be with Island Records in `93 when I did House music and then I was signed to Tommy Boy Records. Tommy Boy Records basically didn`t know what kind of music to do with me & I got shelved. So it took me a second to get back into the music business because I wanted to make sure that I truly knew what kind of music I really wanted to do..."

Heather was also a graffiti artist in the early 1980`s until she got busted by the cops....LoL, now she paints on canvases & owns an art gallery where she displays her works...

"My art is my first love. It`s so funny because I used to be a graffiti artist until I got busted, like any graffiti artist might. I was put into a workshop as a child, which was Keith Harings workshop - that inspired me to go & start painting on canvases. I`ve been painting for a while; fifteen or sixteen years of my Life. I`ve painted a lot of private collection stuff through celebrities & close friends, a lot of people that I know..."

"...I have an art gallery that I`ll be opening some art for in NYC. I`ll be exhibiting my paintings as well as new artists, popular artists - anything I can contribute. Culturally art is in my blood. There's nothing I can do about it..."

Anyways the album itself isn`t anything groundbreakin`, but if you were really expecting a 5 mic masterpiece from a rappin` porn` star then I`d have to say that you need to slam your head off ya` computer`s keyboard a few times til some logic kicks in......LoL, Heather`s not a bad emcee, I mean I have definitely heard much worse. The problem is that most folks won`t get passed her past, you know that porn` career. So not too many people will take this as a serious effort. The reality is that Heather just did in real Life most of the things that Lil` Kim could only brag about doin` in her records. I`m kind of surprised that Heather didn`t holla at the Queen Bee for a feature on her album, that could`ve been a killer track! Anyway Ms. Hunter doesn`t really do much to get herself out of that stereotype though since she pretty much keeps it X~rated all the way thru the album. That`s fine if that`s the route she wanted to take because quite frankly she does sound best when spittin` them sexually charged raps anyway. The Mr. 'Put It In Your Mouth' Akinyele assisted "Suk-A..." is proof of that & so is the DJ Premier produced "Freak Like Me" (this joint should`ve been the lead single if ya ask me) as well as "Girl On Girl". "So Serious" which is the album`s only single if I`m not mistaken isn`t a bad track either, Akinyele & Wyclef have lil` cameos in the music video...

The album is rather short clockin` in at just under 45 minutes but that`s not a problem, the down~side is that there is a hell of a lot of useless Interludes; 6 in total not including the Intro that features Mr. Cee. Some of the Interludes make sense because they allow the song that follows them to play off of it. Like the Janet Jacme featured "Bring The Tool Box [Interlude]" for example which lead into "Girl On Girl", but then there are a few that are pretty weak & pointless like that "Spin That [Interlude]" for example. The only track that I found to be completely out of place on this album is "In Love". In my opinion it doesn`t fit because it`s a love song & it just sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all the X~rated raps. It`s not a wack tune, it just doesn`t go with the rest of the album`s content. It`s kind of like the only person rockin` clothes at a nude beach.....LoL, so there ya have it if you are interested give the album a listen. I have also included the music video for "So Serious" with the album since it`s actually a 2~disc joint. One`s the album & the second is a DVD with the music video on it, it`s in mp4 file format so it should work just fine if you`re looking to play it on your i-Pods or i-Phone or whatever else you chose, enjoy...

Label: Blo Records
Released: July 12, 2005

1. Intro {ft. Mister Cee}
2. 4 Seconds {ft. Erinyes & Madison Tayol}

3. Spit That [Interlude]

4. Wassup?
{ft. Madison Taylor}
5. Don`t Stop [Prod. by Scott Storch] {ft. EST}
6. Suk-A... {ft. Akinyele}
7. Ms. Hater [Interlude] {ft. Signacha}
8. What About H? {ft. Madison Taylor}
9. Freak Like Me [Prod. by DJ Premier]
10. Bring The Toolbox [Interlude] {ft. Janet Jacme}
11. Girl On Girl
[Prod. by Fantom Of The Beat]{ft. Madison Taylor}
12. Rap Bitches [Interlude] {ft.
Mr. Cee}
13. So Serious
{ft. Madison Taylor}
14. Mr. Hater [Interlude] {ft. S.G.}
15. Hot One {ft. Erinyes}
16. Club Hopper
{ft. Madison Taylor}
17. Orgazmic [Interlude]
18. In Love {ft. Chalu}

FiLeSWaP LiNK...

SoLiDFiLeS LiNK...


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