Monday, December 07, 2009

EBoNy EyEZ PReSeNTs: "NiCe GiRLZ FiNiSH LaST"...

For those that don`t know of Ms. In Ya` Face, Ebony Eyez you can go head & familiarize ya`self by clickin` HeRe. Now for those that know let`s get on with the show.....LoL, back in September Marrio Gardner hipp`D me to the fact that Ebony was droppin` a new mixtape. So I did some searchin` & was able to come across a link to it, only down side to it was that the mixtape`s all in one mp3 file -- not single tracks. I wanted to take the time to split `em up for y`all, but unfortunately I didn`t have the time. Oh well, check it out any...

Ebony Eyez Presents: Nice Girlz Finish Last [Hosted by Mista Soull]

Released: 2009

1. Intro
2. Pocket Fulla Songz
3. Barbie Doll
4. Nice Girlz Finish Last
5. I`m Back {ft. Aloha}
6. Don`t Touch {ft. Murphy Lee}
7. My Dick {ft. Chocolate Tai & Penelope Jones}
8. I Don`t Like Yo` Girlfriend
9. Skit
10. Chit Chatta {ft. Chocolate Tai & Penelope Jones}
11. Heeey {ft. Moody Swing}
12. Never Bite Ya` Tongue
13. Oh Yes
14. St. Loui Women
15. My Patience
16. Freestyle
17. Lame {ft. Teiona}

Here`s a lil` somethin` else Marrio Gardner told me about as well...


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Marrio Gardner aka St. Louis' Ben Grimm said...

Wow! Thank you. Why am I just now reading this? I really love it! Ebony Eyez is about to drop a new mixtape really soon called "Murder She Wrote". The concept is crazy! You'll love this CD for sure. Follow Ebony Eyez at P.S. I'll have a better download file this time too lol