Saturday, January 23, 2010

MiSS LaDy PiNKs` "The AGoNy & The Ex-TaCy"...

Gotta let it be known that up until my homie No $TaCK$ introduced me to Miss Lady Pinks` music I had never heard it before, had no idea that she even existed. It`s far from a BiG deal, but what I`m basically DiGG`n at is that it`s a DoPe thing when folkS share music! Whether the ish turns out to be the iLLeST shit you`ve ever heard or the weakest doesn`t really matter`s the unity, the togetherness, the discussions & the education that it brings that`s truly GReaT! At least that`s what I think & that`s why I do this BLoG, but that`s another story so let`s get back to Miss Lady Pinks...

She`s known as the queen of Hi-Power Records/ Ent., home to such rappers as Mr. Capone-E, Malow Mac & Mr. Criminal. She`s actually the only female on the label, so it`s not all that hard to see how she`d be given the title.....LoL, she`s repp`N South San Gabriel, California. Her lyrics are mainly on the Gangsta~side of things, nothing of the ground~break`N type but she does rap better than JV (the Latina/ Chicana rapper I posted up before this :). Anyway...other than the fact that she dropped her first album "Forbidden Love" in 2007, that`s all of the info` that I have on her, sorry y`all! Oh well, enjoy the tunes...

Miss Lady Pinks - The Agony & The Ex-tacy
Label: Hi-Power Ent.
Released: 2009

1. Intro
2. I`m Back
3. I Don`t Care {ft. MC Magic & Samantha Latino}
4. My Friend {ft. Mr. Capone-E & Samantha Latino}
5. Cinco De Mayo [Skit]
6. The Game Is Over
7. Kill 4 Thrills {ft. Ese Menace}
8. Ladies Night Out
9. Fuck Our Enemies
10. The Way Life Goes {ft. Samantha Latino}
11. Hot Line
12. Love The One You`re With {ft. Jon Izie}
13. Voicemail [Skit]
14. Show Me {ft. Mr. Capone-E}
15. Dedicated 2 The Ladies {ft. Mr. Criminal}
16. Just Like That {ft. Malow Mac}
17. Take Me 2 Ex-Tacy {ft. Mr. Capone-E}
18. Sexxxy {ft. Suga Free & Jon Izie}
19. Wake Up Call [Skit]
20. Let`s Get High {ft. Snoop Dogg, Bizzy Bone, Malow Mac & Jon Izie}
21. Outro

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