Sunday, April 18, 2010

"CLaSSiC WHiTeS VoL. 1"...

Got some pure DoPeNeSS right here for y`all today! A compilation of some iLL 12" White Label joints, apparently this was released on vinyl back in 2005. The thing about the vinyl is that it only has 8 tracks, but what we have is 13 in total. So that could mean a number of things; 1...the vinyl is labeled incorrectly, 2....what I posted up was the CD rip with bonus tracks, or 3....this is a bootleg of a bootleg......LoL, but when it really comes down to it does it matter? I know that I didn`t care when my homie link`D me up with the mp3s. I was just happy to get some great tracks in good sound quality, especially since I`ve only heard 5 of the tracks. This joint`s worth the DL for just the tracks from the fallen emcees Biggie, Ol` Dirty Bastard & Big L alone so do ya`self a favor & check it out!!!

Various Artists - Classic Whites Vol. 1
Label: N/A
Released: 2005

1. Mr. Cee Freestyle {Notorious B.I.G.} (2:29)
2. Cunt Renaissance {R.A. The Rugged Man & The Notorious B.I.G.} (2:30)
3. Funk Mode {Tragedy & Havoc} (4:50)
4. Fast Life [VR Rmx] {Kool G. Rap & Nas} (4:37)
5. Dopefiend {N.O.R.E.} (2:58)
6. Check A Bitch {Kool G. Rap} (2:59)
7. Dirty & Stinkin` {Ol` Dirty Bastard} (3:25)
8. Cop Hell {Mobb Deep} (4:05)
9. Hey Mister {Kool G. Rap} (3:59)
10. Yo Black {Kool Keith} (4:23)
11. The Bizness [VR Rmx] {De La Soul} (4:30)
12. Straight East Coast {Sadat X} (5:01)
13. Let Me Find Out {Big L} (2:35)


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