Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DJ Dee-ViLLe PReSeNTs - "T La RoCK: SuPeR RaPPeR"...

Another mix I`ve been BuMP`n is this one from DJ Dee-Ville. It`s a real nice collection of the more rare joints that T La Rock has released. For those that don`t know of T La Rock I`ll give ya a lil` brief rundown, He`s the older brother of Special K (of Treacherous Three). His roots go deep with this HiP HoP ish, he`s been around since it`s birth being both an MC & a DJ in the early 1970's. Some argue that his 1984 single "It`s Yours" is the first Def Jam Recordings release, but the fact is that it was the first single to carry the Def Jam logo. However Rick Rubin actually released it thru Arthur Baker`s Independent Partytime Records, the HiP HoP division of his Dance Music label Streetwise Records...

Due to the BuZZ that his single "It`s Yours" was receiving Fresh/ Sleeping Bag Records signed T La Rock & he released 2 albums with the label. The first came in 1987 & was titled "Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx)". DJ Louie Lou (who was T La Rock`s original DJ), Kurtis Mantronik & T La Rock himself handled the production for the album. The second album titled "On A Warpath" was released in 1989 & had Todd Terry handling the production duties...

After the second album he kind of dropped out of the spotlight for a while, then things took a turn for the worst. Sometime in 1994 while T La Rock was attempting to break up a fight that had occurred in the front of his brother`s apartment building in the Bronx he was hit in the head & as a result suffered a traumatic brain injury that nearly killed him. He spent the next few years in therapy to help him recover from the loss of motor~skills & memory loss. All the hard work paid off because he`s recovered & has been on stage preforming for crowds...

Anyway I need to BiG uP DJ Dee-Ville for taking the time to put this collection together. Just wanted to mention to y`all that this joint is almost 140 mins. long so unfortunately it won`t fit on a CD so this is one for the i-Pod or ya` MP3 Players.....LoL, another thing -- it`s all one file. Regardless if you`re a T La Rock fan this one`s definitely worth checkin`...

DJ Dee-Ville Presents - T La Rock (Super Rapper)
Label: N/A
Released: 2008

1. Super Intro
2. It`s Yours [12" Version]
3. Breakdown
4. He`s Incredible
5. Rockin` The Party
6. Freestyle `85
7. Breakin` Bells [12" Version]
8. Bass Machine [12" Version]
9. Back To Burn [12" Version]
10. Big Beat In London
11. Lyrical King
12. This Beat Kicks [12" Rmx]
13. Nitro
14. Bust These Lyrics
15. Scratch Monopoly
16. Runaway [12" Version]
17. Tudy Frudy Judy
18. Flow With The New Style
19. On A Warpath
20. It`s Time To Chill
21. Yo Got The Time [12" Version]
22. Super Outro
23. This Beat Kicks [Chad Jackson Rmx] (Bonus Track)


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