Monday, January 10, 2011

ReMy Ma`s "BLaS ReMy [MiXTaPe]"...

I`m not gon` go all deep about Remy Ma with this post, I`ll be saving that for another.....LoL, what can I say? I`m feelin` a lil` bit on the lazy~side. Now this joint isn`t new by any means, but none~the~less it`s worth a listen. This mixtape was released in 2008, obviously before her incarceration. Remy does her thing rippin` thru 13 tracks & 2 bonus cuts on this mixtape...

"Blas Remy" has Ms. Martin flowin` over a beat that rocks a sample anyone that watches movies can recognize. The beat`s alright, but the track`s a lil` too long so it can lose your attention quick. Remy spits a few shots at Lil` Kim on "Dirty Dancin`". "Who Shot `Em Up?" & "Cancel X-Mas" are decent joints, the latter of the 2 being the better one. Remy teams up with Jae Millz to drop a nice concept track on "Horror Movies", the 2 emcees trade verses filled with slasher~flick type references...

"Hit Me" has Remy flexin` her toughness lyrics over a thumpin` beat with a Jay-Z vocal sample for the hook. "Ain`t Talkin` About Nothin`" features an uncredited emcee, this joint`s on the sexual tip. "Holla At A Hater", here Remy`s just lovin` those that hate.....LoL, "Chubb Rock" is a collabo` with Papoose -- they spit over Chubb Rock`s hit "Treat `Em Right" instrumental. "Stop Frontin`" sounds like Remy`s takin` another jab at Lil` Kim, at least the first verse anyway. ..

"When I See Her" sounds like a warning for someone....LoL, "X-Box" is a short lil` verse. "I`m Laughing" has Remy flexin` some good ol` braggin` rhymes. The first bonus cut "That Thing" is Remy`s lil` spin on Lauryn Hill`s track of the same title. "Victory 3000" has Ms. Martin flowin` over P. Diddy`s "Victory" instrumental. Overall this is a decent mixtape, the only bad thing I can really say about it is that it`s too one~sided. There`s a whole lot of the braggin` & tough talkin` rhymes, but not much else. Anyway, check it out for ya`selves...

Remy Ma - Blas Remy
Label: Amalgam Entertainment
Released: 2008

1. Blasremy
2. Dirty Dancin`

3. Who Shot `Em Up? {ft. Hooks}
4. Cancel X-Mas
5. Horror Movie {ft. Jae Millz}
6. Hit Me
7. Ain`t Talkin` About Nothin`

8. Holla At A Hater

9. Chubb Rock {ft. Papoose}
10. Stop Frontin`

11. When I See Her
12. X-Box
13. I`m Laughing
14. That Thing [Bonus Track]

15. Victory 3000 [Bonus Track]


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