Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SKi & The MaFia`s "BiTCH U GeTs NaTHaN"...

Had to correct an error with one of my posts. Originally I thought that this "Bitch U Gets Nathan" album was by E-A Ski, but I was totally incorrect with that one. It`s by someone else altogether, Ski & The Mafia......guess I just assumed, not always a good idea....LoL, anyway I know nothing about `em. The album itself was released on Righteous Records in 1992 & it`s got an early Bay~Area vibe to it. This isn`t my pic/scan, it was ripped from a cassette tape courtesy of my boy DiRTy KooL AiD. I did my best & made some lil` adjustments to increase the volume of the files & the quality. Wish I could`ve found the CD of this joint, oh well check it out (don`t worry about the file name, it`s just labeled wrong)...

Ski & The Mafia - Bitch U Gets Nathan
Label: Righteous Records
Released: 1992

1. Da Hit [Intro]
2. Oakland Hustla
3. Bitch You Gets Nathan {ft. Pooh-Man}
4. Sweet Peeder Deeder
5. Streets Of Oakland
6. Time To Get High
7. Troubled Man
8. Bitch Made Nigga


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