Friday, February 25, 2011

KRS-One`s "ReTuRN Of The BooM BaP" [12 iNCH]...

Was listening to "Return Of The Boom Bap" (my favorite KRS-One album) earlier today. Just felt the urge to hear some good HiP HoP music, so naturally I dust`D off this CLaSSiC & cranked up the volume....LoL, I remember when the album first dropped I copped the cassette `cuz I didn`t have a CD player at the time. Played it so DaMn much in my Sony Walkman that the tape snapped:( that was a sad day for sure! I tried to splice it back together with some Scotch Tape, took a good 2 hours. Thought I did a good job til I placed it back in my bedroom stereo......ish just got all jammed up in the tape deck, had to pull it all out & in the process I snapped the tape a few more times. Needless to say I had to put in some work so I could cop another "Return Of The Boom Bap" tape....LoL, 2 weeks later KRS was back up in my Walkman:)

Anyways that was my lil` tale of the tape....LoL, now let`s get to this 12 inch shall we. Not only do ya get 2 great tracks from the `93 CLaSSiC album, but ya also get 2 Remixes, an Instrumental & an Acapella (or 'Thoughtapella' in this case). Mad Lion is featured on the Iron Lion Remix of "Return Of The Boom Bap", while Kenny Parker remixed "Mortal Thought". In my opinion the remixes are alright, but I still prefer the LP cut more. I guess it`s because I played the hell out of the album for years & just got so used to them. That & the fact that I didn`t heard the remixes until about 1997.....LoL, that`s when I finally copped the 12 inch. Either way I still DiG the album cuts, but the remixes are decent. So go `head & check it out for ya`self...

Label: Jive
Released: 1994

A1. Return Of The Boom Bap [LP Version]
A2. Return Of The Boom Bap [Iron Lion Rmx] {ft. Mad Lion}
A3. Return Of The Boom Bap [Instr.]
B1. Mortal Thought (I Must Rock The Mic) [LP Version]
B2. Mortal Thought (I Must Rock The Mic) [Kenny Parker Rmx]
B3. Mortal Thought (I Must Rock The Mic) [Thoughtapella]


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