Monday, February 28, 2011

LL CooL J`s "DouBLe L CooLs DowN"...

Got somewhat of a rarity for y`all today! What I have for y`all is an LL Cool J album that was released in 1996, what`s interesting is that it wasn`t released on Def Jam Records like the rest of his albums. It was actually released thru On Top Records, honestly I`m not at all familiar with the label. Attempted to do a lil` research on it, but the only thing that I could find that they released was this album here. Another interesting fact is that LL doesn`t go by Cool J on this album, it`s just labeled "Double L Cools Down"...

Not too sure what the deal is, maybe LL was upset with Def Jam at the time & needed to release some steam so he put out this project on the low, who knows? If somebody has a bit more info` on this album, by all means share it with me! Another theory that I have is that maybe these tracks are left over joints that didn`t make the cut for the 1995 "Mr. Smith" album. Something else to note, the track "Candyman" was also included on the 1994 Soundtrack for the "Jason`s Lyric" movie. The soundtrack version is a bit different than the version that`s included on the "Double L Cools Down" album, it`s a lot more polished sounding -- LL`s lyrics are the same though...

Anyway the source files that I had weren`t the best quality, so I adjusted the volume on a few of the tracks. I also tried to get rid of all the pops & clicks, but wasn`t really able to do so without the files sounding all jacked up so I just left that aspect alone. If ya have any issues with the sound let me know. Go `head & check out the tunes...

Label: On Top Records
Released: 1996

1. Intro (Mr. Smith`s Party)
2. Mr. Smith
3. Dear Lover
4. Pump My Shit
5. Soliloquy [Interlude]
6. Candyman
7. Set It Off New York
8. New York Mentality
9. 2 Minute Warning To Shake That Ass [Interlude]
10. Bring On The Mo`s & Ho`s
11. Forever Yours

You can DL the version of "Candyman" that`s from the "Jason`s Lyric Soundtrack" here...


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