Friday, February 11, 2011

SaH-B`s "SuMMa DaY" b/w "SoMe oL` SaH-B SHiT" [12 iNCH]...

W`ud~uP y`all? Hope all is still good for ya! Today I`ve got some tunes from an over~look`D female emcee named Sah-B a.k.a. Sakinah Britton
'comin` live & direct from Newark, The Bricks'. Aside from her appearances on a few Lords Of The Underground tracks like "No Pain", "Flow On (New Symphony)", "Hennessey Pt. II" & this 12 inch I don`t know if she`s done anything else. And quite honestly that`s all I really know of Sah-B, so if ya can school me on her go right ahead & do so, don`t be shy!!!

This 12 inch was released in 1994 on Reprise Records.
My homie DiRTy KooL AiD ripped it for me so I could share it with y`all. Thanks once again, much appreciated! Now I`m sure that I`m not the only one out there that`s wishin` that the good ol` days of Summer would hurry up & get here, honestly I`m really sick of the Winter! Especially after returning back to the cold from my honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica....LoL

Anyways the
"Summa Day" track (peep the video here, embedding was disabled:) on this 12 inch will have ya reminiscing on them good ol` relaxin` sunny Summer days for sure. This is definitely a joint that everyone can relate to; Sah-B raps about broken down AC`s, heat frustration, folks rockin` that fresh gear for the Summer, fireworks, backyard BBQ`s & so on. It kind of takes me back to the Summer breaks I`d have from school while I was in junior high...LoL

The remaining track on this 12 inch "Some Ol` Sah-B Shit" is on that braggin`/skill flexin`~tip. Marley Marl provides the beat (he actually produced both tracks on this 12") with a jazzy horn sample & some nice cuts & scratches while Sah-B spits with some good ol` emcee ruggedness. I definitely suggest that ya check out this 12 inch, ya shouldn`t be disappointed...

Sah-B - Summa Day b/w Some Ol` Sah-B Shit [12 Inch]
Label: Reprise Records
Released: 1994

1. Summa Day [Radio Version]
2. Summa Day [Album Version]
3. Summa Day [Instr.]
4. Some Ol` Sah-B Shit [Album Version]
5. Some Ol` Sah-B Shit [Instr.]
6. Summa Day [A Cappella]


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Rasheeda said...

hey Sah whats up this is Rasheeda weve been lookin for u for a while give us a call at 973 878 6341....p.s. yall look hella throwback in that