Wednesday, May 04, 2011

KooL G. RaP`s "OFFeR YoU CaN`T ReFuSe EP"...

Got some more free promo ish for y`all, this time around it comes from HiP HoP legend Kool G. Rap. I`m guessin` that he decided to drop this lil` 8-track EP titled "Offer You Can`t Refuse" to spark a buzz for the new album that he`s gon` be droppin` later on this year titled "Riches, Royalty, Respect". Haven`t checked out the EP yet myself, but I`m more than sure that G. Rap doesn`t disappoint! All ya need to do to download it once you`re on the page is enter your email address then click on the download button, then you`re all set...

Label: N/A
Released: February 2011

1. The Fix [Prod. by DJ Pain]
2. Mugshots [Prod. by Pokerbeats]
3. America`s Nightmare {ft. Havoc of Mobb Deep} [Prod. by Alchemist]
4. Take `Em Back (Supafly) [Prod. by Blastah Beats]
5. Baggin` In Da Spot [Prod. by Leaf Dog]
6. Scarface Snow
7. Offer You Can`t Refuse [Prod. by Domingo]
8. Money Talks

As for the new album that I mentioned above, here`s the cover art & tracklist...

1. Pimptro
2. Ya` Chic Chose Me
3. In Too Deep
4. 70′s Gangsta
5. Pillow Talk
6. The Meaning To Your Love
7. Sad
8. Maggie
9. $ Ova Bitches
10. G On
11. Pages Of My Life
12. Going In
13. American Nightmare {ft. Havoc}
14. Da Real Thing {ft. Heather Walker}
15. Harmony Homicide


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