Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lo-Lo`s "i GoT LiPSTiCK On My BLuNTs"...

With an album title like "I Got Lipstick On My Blunts" ya just know I had to check it out.....LoL, I was pleasantly surprised after giving it a listen. Up until now I`ve never heard of her so I have no idea who she is, I think that she`s reppin` Cali. Obviously if any of y`all know of her, please school me! The album itself has some good G-Funk beats & Lo-Lo is pretty nice with the lyrics as well. Don`t judge the album by the title because this one isn`t all about Weed smokin`, there`s actually only 2 tracks covering that subject matter ("I Got Lipstick On My Blunts" & "Indo On My Mind"). She covers a variety of topics from partying, cars, jackin` folks, smokin` Weed, cheatin` men, sex, love & the hard times of the ghetto. Standout tracks for me are: "Entity" (really like the beat for some reason), "Double Deuce", "Down `N` Dirty" & "The Ghetto". Go `head & check out the tunes for ya`self, feel free to leave ya` thoughts...

Lo-Lo - I Got Lipstick On My Blunts
Label: Backstreet Records
Released: 1997

1. Intro - Be Thankful For What You Got
2. Throw Your Hand In The Air
3. Lo-Lo Is In Da House
4. There`s No Mystery
5. Funkin`
6. Cadillac Ride
7. Jackin`
8. Entity
9. Nightmare
10. I Got Lipstick On My Blunts
11. Indo On My Mind
12. Double Deuce
13. Down `N` Dirty
14. A Little Bit Of You
15. Ooh Daddy!
16. The Ghetto


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