Thursday, September 27, 2012

ZioN i & J. PeRioD`s "BoMB 1st" [MiXTaPe]...

Here`s a lil` something that just dropped on the `Net a few days ago (September 25th) from Oakland`s Zion I & Brooklyn`s J. Period. I haven`t listened to it yet, but here`s the lil` write up from J. Period`s website to give you a bit of an idea of what you`re going to hear;

Since the emergence of their highly acclaimed Mind Over Matter LP in 2000, Oakland underground standouts ZION I have stood at the forefront of progressive hip hop, foreshadowing the merging of electronic music and hip hop years in advance. Producer Amp-Live’s intricate soundscapes, combined with soulful, intelligent lyrics from MC Zumbi, have earned co-signs from hip hop icons as diverse as Too $hort and Talib Kweli, along with legions of die-hard fans. In 2012, it is time for the rest of the world to meet ZION I.

To aid in this effort, and in anticipation of their upcoming release SHADOW BOXING (October 2, Live Up Records), ZION I joins forces with Brooklyn mixtape master J.PERIOD to present BOMB FIRST, a pre-emptive strike on the stagnating state of commercial hip hop. Featuring new music from ZION I, Kendrick Lamar, Azelia Banks, Action Bronson, Curren$y and more, BOMB FIRST finds ZION I once again at the forefront of progressive hip hop—this time foreshadowing the emergence a new generation of artists dedicated to the preservation of the art.

On BOMB FIRST, ZION I & J.PERIOD shine a light on hip hop that is inspiring THEM in 2012. The result is a fun, diverse and soulful listening experience designed to inspire a new crop of fans, and re-ignite the spark in die-hard fans still hungry for quality hip hop.

Label: N/A
Released: September 25, 2012

1. Bomb First [Intro]
2. Likwid [Dub-Plate]
3. Ritual Union [J. Period Re-Fix]
4. Wildfire [J. Period Re-Fix]
5. Cartoon Cereal
6. Now You Do
7. Big Spender
8. Fuck Up The Fun
9. Global Consciousness [Interlude]
10. Take Knowledge [Dub Mix]
11. Use Your Mind [J. Period Dub-Plate]
12. Nino Brown
13. Reaching Out
14. Big Cat
15. Jungle
16. Grown Up
17. Flower Child
18. Storm Season [J. Period Re-Fix]
19. Star People [Exclusive]
20. Ventilation
21. Carter Barron
22. That Real
23. Pouches Of Tuna
24. Hiii Power
25. What`s The Charge? [Interlude]
26. Twenty One [Edit]
27. Hip Hop
28. Sixteen [Edit]
29. Stay
30. Bonus Doom


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