Thursday, November 22, 2012

DouBLe ViSioN`s "KeeP YouR EyEs OPeN"...

What`s happenin` y`all? Hope Life is still treatin` ya well, I can`t complain. Today I have an album by a duo that most of y`all probably know of from their time spent signed to Master P`s No Limit Records during the second half of the 1990`s, Kane & Abel. Well before they linked up with P & his label they were actually rappin` under a different moniker & that was Double Vision. As I`m sure you can tell by the album cover, David & Daniel Garcia are identical twin brothers (from New York) so I can only take a guess that Double Vision was a play off of that aspect of their real Life. They dropped their debut album titled "Keep Your Eyes Open" in 1995 on Doral Records. Production on the album was handle by the likes of Grizz, Ivan Varnado, Yusef & DJ Lil` Daddy. I`m not too familiar with any of the producers, but I think Grizz has done some joints with Willie D. Feature~wise Taifa brings some of her Ragga~Reggae vibes to a couple tracks, Devious is featured on 2 joints, Fiend (another ex-No Limit soldier) joins the smokin` session on "Ridin` High", while the late MC Thick (he was murdered in 1996) contributes to a track & a lil` skit that immediately follows his featured track...

Much like the sound of other pre~No Limit/ Cash Money albums this joint has a mix of production that`s clearly influenced by N.O. Bounce, but it also draws influences from the West & East Coasts as well. Now Kane & Abel (or Double Vision) aren`t the iLLeST lyricists to ever spit raps, but they do a real good job at tellin` `hood tales. I guess that`s why they eventually branched off & started writing fiction novels & movie scripts later on in their career as well as music. I was hopin` to have enough time to write out a track~by~track review for this album, but since it`s my wifey`s birthday today I`m gon` have to cut this post a lil` short. My apologies, I just wanted to share this album with y`all while it was on my mind....LoL, it may be somewhat of an unknown to some, so enjoy. Standout joints for me are; "Profitz In The Kut", "Code Red", "Ridin` High", "When They Come" (DoPe even if it`s just a short interlude) & "Sipping Away". So go `head & check it out for ya`self. Oh yeah, something to take note of I was a lil` on the tired~side last night when I was tagging/ labeling the tracks & I actually titled the album "Keep Ya` Eyez Open" for some reason....LoL, it`s the same album as mentioned in the post I just gimp`D & labelled it wrong, my bad...

Label: Doral Records
Released: 1995

1. Keep Your Eyes Open [Intro]
2. Big Tymers Die
3. Code Red {ft. Taifa}
4. Runnin` From The Po Po`s
5. Ridin` High {ft. Fiend}
6. Snitches {ft. Devious}
7. Profitz In The Kut {ft. Taifa & MC Thick}
8. Thick In The Kut [Skit] {ft. MC Thick}
9. Dat Money
10. When They Come [Interlude]
11. Keep Your Eyes Open {ft. Devious}
12. The G-Sign
13. Sipping Away
14. Stay Alive [Outro]

R.i.P. MC THiCK...

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