Saturday, November 17, 2012

RaS KaSS` "BaRMaGeDDoN The MiXTaPe"...

W`ud up y`all? Hope as is well on this chilly Saturday, at least that`s how it is around my side of town....LoL, anyways I have some new music from West Coast lyricist Ras Kass to share with y`all today. It comes in the form of a mixtape titled "Barmageddon The Mixtape", imagine that...LoL, I wonder if they`re gon` ever start callin` them mixdiscs? Ha, it was worth ponderin` wasn`t it?? Back to the music....this mixtape includes 6 tracks that are from Ras Kass` forth comin` "Barmageddon" LP. It also includes an unreleased HRSMN joint was well as some joints recorded exclusively for this mixtape (it`s either that or they`re left over tracks recorded during the "Barmageddon" LP sessions). DJ J-Ronin hosts the mixtape while Tramlife handle the mixing...

Honestly, I just started listening to this earlier this morning so I haven`t really given it a solid listen yet, but at a quick BuMP it`s pretty iLL. The beats are nice, that`s for sure! There`s a huge list of guest appearances on this tape rangin` from the well known to some folks that aren`t quite so familiar to the ears; Agallah, Crooked I, Kurupt, Doc Hollywood, Evidence, Raekwon, Freeway, Saigon, Immortal Technique, E-40, Planet Asia, Kendrick Lamar, Shabam Sadeeq, Tri-State, Picaso, JR&PH7, Diabolic, ProVerb, Chace Infinite, Sav Killz, J-Natural, Crazy Lil` Dude, Mike City, Dina Rae, Onis, Stacee Adams, 210 West, Snoop Dogg, David Banner, Nipsey Hussle & Kree. So far the joints that I`m feelin` are; "The Great Recession", "Red Carpet", "Who Want What?", "Judas", "Dreadnots", "Manna", "Sushi", "Californication" & "L.A. Is My Lady". That`s all I`m gon` say about this joint for now, go `head & check it out for ya`self...

J-Natural ripped "Manna", here`s the video see for ya`self...

Label: N/A
Released: 2012

1. Barmageddon Intro
2. Coke Line {ft. Agallah}
3. 3 The Hard Way {ft. Crooked I & Kurupt}
4. The Great Recession {ft. Doc Hollywood}
5. Survival Syndrome {ft. Tri-State & Picaso}
6. Red Carpet {ft. Evidence & Raekwon}
7. Who Want What {ft. JR&PH7, Freeway & Saigon}
8. Pay Back {ft. Immortal Technique & Diabolic}
9. Focus {ft. ProVerb & Kendrick Lamar}
10. Judas {ft. Planet Asia & Chace Infinite}
11. Holes In The Ozone
12. Ratchets Anthem
13. Dreadnotz {ft. Sav Killz & Shabam Sadeeq}
14. The Plan {ft. Onis}
15. Manna {ft. J-Natural}
16. 2999 [Unreleased HRSMN]
17. Ballin` {ft. Crazy Lil` Dude & E-40}
18. Pop Shit {ft. Mike City & Dina Rae}
19. Sushi
20. L.A. Is My Lady {ft. Stacee Adams}
21. Californication {ft. David Banner, Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle & Kree}
22. The Game Need A Makeover {ft. 210 West}
23. Bare Arms Outro

Here`s a lil` outtake from Ice-T`s "The Art Of Rap" Documentary...


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