Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CHuCK D`s "AuToBioGRaPHy Of MiSTaCHuCK" [iN-SToRe SaMPLeR]...

What`s up my visitors? Got a quick lil` post for y`all, it`s Chuck D`s "Autobiography Of Mistachuck" album sampler that was used for in-store play. It`s nothing super spectacular, it features 5 tracks from the album (no snippets, entire tracks). This one is mainly for all you complete~ists out there, enjoy...

Label: Mercury Records
Released: 1996

1. Mistachuck
2. No {ft. Kyle Jason}
3. Generation Wrekkked {ft. Kyle Jason}
4. Free Big Willie
5. Paid {ft. Kendu & Melquan}


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