Sunday, December 02, 2012

MoBB DeeP`s "The DuNN LaNGuaGe VoL. 1 [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]"...

What`s happenin` y`all? Hope all is well. Today I`m gon` BLeSS the blog with another HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN, this time around Mobb Deep`s "The Dunn Language Vol. 1" gets the HeRBaN LyRiX treatment. Now for those that don`t know about "The Dunn Language" I`ll share with ya what I know of it. It`s a bootleg & I believe that it was released on the `Net back in 2002, it`s quite possible that it was put together by a fan or fans. The bootleg contained a lot of unreleased Mobb Deep joints, some 12 inch cuts & a few released cuts like "Hoodlum" off the soundtrack of the same name. It`s a pretty nice collection of Mobb Deep tracks, the only down side about this bootleg is that the sound quality of a few tracks was pretty bad. A whole lot of pops & clicks, especially at the ends of the tracks. Not only that there were a few tracks that were actually cut short for some reason. For example "Microphone Master [Sewa/ 41 St. Side Rmx]" cut off at 3:10 when it`s actually 5:07 in length, while "Know Da Game" cut off at 1:46 when it`s actually 4:27 long...

 I figured that since this was a pretty decent bootleg, track~wise anyway I wanted to give it a lil` revamp. So what I decided to do was replace all the tracks that sounded like ish with better sounding ones (well the best quality I could find anyway), replaced the joints that were cut short with their full~length counterparts, split the lil` interlude that was before "It Could Happen To You" & made it a separate track, replaced the "Hoodlum" track that was track 6 with the version from the soundtrack because the version that was there originally was off some Dirty Harry mixtape & was more of a blend~mix (don`t worry it`s still included, I just pushed it further down the tracklist) & then finally I added 2 more joints to the mix to make it fill up an 80 minute CD, oh yeah almost forgot I also cut off the lil` DJ shoutin` at the beginning of the first track. So enjoy the revamped version, BiG uPs to whoever put the original version together because it was truly appreciated...

Mobb Deep - The Dunn Language Vol. 1 [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]
Label: N/A
Released: 2002-2012

1. Killa Queens {Infamous Mobb ft. Prodigy}
2. Killaz Theme {Mobb Deep ft. Cormega}
3. Microphone Master [Sewa/ 41 St Side Rmx] {Das EFX ft. Mobb Deep}
4. Shiesty {Mobb Deep ft. Big Noyd}
5. QB Meets South Suicide {Onyx & Mobb Deep}
6. Hoodlum {Mobb Deep ft. Rakim & Big Noyd}
7. Back At You {Mobb Deep}
8. Everyday Gunplay {Mobb Deep}
9. Feel My Gat Blow {Mobb Deep}
10. G.O.D. Part III [Rmx] {Mobb Deep}
11. Interlude
12. It Could Happen To You {DJ Muggs ft. Mobb Deep}
13. Never Goin` Back {Mobb Deep}
14. Nobody Likes Me {Mobb Deep}
15. Shook Ones {Mobb Deep}
16. Thrill Me {Mobb Deep ft. Big Noyd}
17. Know Da Game {Frankie Cutlass ft. Mobb Deep, M.O.P. & Kool G. Rap}
18. Infamous {Charli Baltimore ft. Mobb Deep & Mike Delorean}
19. Microphone Master [Frankenstein Rmx] {Das EFX ft. Mobb Deep}
20. Temperature`s Rising [Original] {Mobb Deep}
21. Hoodlum [Dirty Harry Mix] {Mobb Deep ft. Rakim & Big Noyd}


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