Saturday, December 22, 2012

"PuMP Ya` FiST ( HiP HoP iNSPiReD By The BLaCK PaNTHeRs)"...

Sorry y`all, I`m gon` make this a quick post since my time`s limited. I just wanted to share with y`all this lil` compilation that I just recently picked up for a sweet $2....LoL, I used to have this CD back when it first dropped 1995, but I never truly appreciated it for the compilation album that it was. You see at the time I was a young buck, at 15 years old I really only copped this for the KRS-One, 2Pac, Jeru The Damaja & Fugees tracks. The compilation`s overall vibe didn`t mean ish to me & once I heard their tracks the CD pretty much sat on my CD shelf until I threw it into a trade deal for some other Hip Hop CD`s later on.....LoL, but now 17 years later I`m truly DiGG`n this for what it is! Honestly all 13 tracks are DoPe & if you don`t feel the comp`s upliftingness (if that`s not a word, well it is now.....LoL) you gotta be one soul~less mu` fucka. Do yourself a favor & peep this joint...

Label: PolyGram
Released: 1995
 1. Ah Yeah {KRS-One}
2. Pump Ya` Fist {Kam}
3. Black Family Day {Grand Puba}
4. Shades Of Black {Rakim}
5. The Frustrated Nigga {Jeru The Damaja}
6. Throw Your Hands Up {2Pac}
7. Positive Vibe {Speech}
8. Recognition {Fugees (Tranzlator Crew)}
9. It`s The Pride {Chuck D}
10. Only If You Want It {Ahmad}
11. Crazay {Yo-Yo}
12. I Gotta Get Mine {Dredd Scott}
13. Out For Just Us {Five-0}

R.i.P. 2PaC...

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