Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ZiGG ZaGG`s "THRouGH The EyeS Of SHe"...

Re-upp`D originally posted 07.15.2011...

Back again with the follow up to Zagg`s debut album, "Through The Eyes Of She". This joint was released in 2005 & unlike her debut she actually goes by Zigg Zagg here. Like she says in her own words on the Outro it`s "The Diary of she through the eyes of her". Compared to her debut, this one is most definitely a much more deeper/ emotional type album. You can definitely hear her growth in subject matter as she tackles such topics as suicide, broken relationships, Life`s stresses & struggles & her love for music to name a few...

Standout joints for me are; "I-She-See", "Gangsta" featuring Brotha Lynch Hung, "Muzicc" featuring Brotha Lynch Hung & D-Dubb, "Oh Damn", "Had Enough" featuring Mea-Gee, "Here We Go Again" featuring Suga-T, "Tribute" & "The Argument" featuring Brotha Lynch Hung. The album makes for a decent listen, so go `head & check it out...
 Zigg Zagg - Through The Eyes Of She
Label: Siccmade Records 
Released: 2005

1. Session [Insert]
2. Suicidal
3. I-She-See
4. Day In The Life {ft. Calico 101}
5. Insert
6. Gangsta {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung}
7. Muzicc {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & D-Dubb}
8. Oh Damn
9. Best Bitch {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung}
10. Insert
11. Had Enough {ft. Mea-Gee}
12. Life {ft. C.O.S., Phonk Beta & Malaiki}
13. Here We Go Again {ft. Suga-T}
14. Bad Bitch
15. Shady Bitches {ft. Loki}
16. Tribute
17. The Argument Pt. 2 {ft. Brotha Lynch Hung} [Bonus Track]
18. Outro


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