Tuesday, April 09, 2013

CRiMiNaL NaTioN`s "ReLeaSe The PReSSuRe"...

What`s happenin` y`all? Today what I have to share with ya is an album from the year 1990 by Criminal Nation titled "Release The Pressure". Found this at a thrift shop for a whole 75 cents so I figured why not grab, never heard it what could the harm be? Now I must let ya know that I have no idea who Criminal Nation is, but from what I gathered after listening to the album I can tell ya that they...or more like he, MC Deff is reppin` Seattle. I guess that`s one of the reasons why he was signed to Nastymix Records, a label affiliated with Sir Mix-A-Lot that was started in the mid 1980`s. Anyway this is Criminal Nation`s debut, there was a follow up album released in 1992 titled "Trouble In The Hood" which probably has more of a Gangsta Rap vibe (just assuming of course) as opposed to the debut which has more of a Black Power/ MC vibe to it. "Criminal Hit" is by far the hardest track on "Release The Pressure", MC Deff just sounds better when he`s cussin` & bustin` them G`d up rhymes.....LoL, this album is alright in my opinion, I mean for 75 cents I won`t complain. Go `head & give it a listen, if you can school me on Criminal Nation feel free to do so...

Criminal Nation - Release The Pressure
Label: Nastymix Records
Released: 1990

1. Positively Funky
2. Black Power Nation
3. The Right Crowd
4. Insane
5. I`m Rollin`
6. My Laboratory
7. Violent Sound
8. Release The Pressure
9. Definitely Down For Trouble
10. Criminal Hit
11. Mission Of Murder
12. Take No Prisoners

SoLiDFiLeS BaCK~uP LiNK...

FiLeSWaP BaCK~uP LiNK...

FiLeSWaP BaCK~uP LiNK #2...


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