Tuesday, April 16, 2013

iNFaMouS SyNDiCaTe`s "CHaNGiNG The GaMe"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted 08.09.2009...

Got a lil` Chi~Town flava for y`all this time around, comin` in the form of some music from Chicago`s Infamous Syndicate. Now for those that don`t know about the Infamous Syndicate I shall drop a lil` knowledge on ya. They were a duo of female emcees reppin` Chicago as previously mentioned. The duo consisted of Rashawnna Guy, better known to the Hip Hop world as Shawnna (daughter of Blues impresario Buddy Guy) an emcee who built her skillz in Chicago`s underground clubs & Lateefa a.k.a. `Teefa a street poet who began her rappin` career by flowin` over beats that her cousin had been hookin` her up with...

It only made sense that the 2 having similar Hip Hop interests link`D up together. In fact it just happened to be at `Teefa's 17th birthday party in 1997, shortly after they met they formed Infamous Syndicate. They received a lot of home town support, especially after Pinkhouse, a local radio legend heard their demo. He really dug what he heard so he broke their record on the radio, playing the track "8 times a night for about a month". The local love generated a lil` buzz, Relativity Records took notice scooped them up & signed them to the label. They toured as part of the famed Lyricist Lounge in 1998 & dropped their one & only album in 1999 titled "Changing The Game"... 

The album features some of Kanye West`s early production, way before he became the kat that he is now~a~days. iLL beat~banger No I.D. also puts in some work as well as some other kats that I`m not too familiar with; Mr. Khaliyl, Michael Antonio Guy, Echo & Andy C. Even though the album had a hit single with the No I.D. produced "Here I Go" Relativity Records dropped the Infamous Syndicate in 2000. After they were dropped Shawnna decided to go solo & ended up linkin` with Ludacris & Disturbin` Tha Peace, but now I believe that she`s no longer down with Luda` however she`s still grindin` on the indy tip. As for `Teefa, she works Radio & has also gone on the solo tip. So there ya have it folks, now go on & peep this music would ya...

Label: Relativity
Released: 1999

1. Intro 
2. Here I Go [Prod. by No I.D.] 
3. Bouncer [Skit] 
4. Hold It Down [Prod. by No I.D.] 
5. I Gave You Me {ft. Kia Jeffries} [Prod. by Mr. Khaliyl] 
6. What You Do To Me {ft. Kanye West} [Prod. by Kanye West] 
7. What That Boy Like? {ft. Big Nasty} [Prod. by No I.D.] 
8. Clock Strikes 12 {ft. Fatal} [Prod. by Kanye West] 
9. West Side {ft. Cap.One} [Prod. by Michael Antonio Guy] 
10. It`s Alright [Prod. by No I.D.] 
11. You Are Falling Off [Skit] 
12. It`s On You [Prod. by Echo] 
13. City Of Hustlas [Prod. by Kanye West] 
14. Jenny Jonez [Prod. by Andy C]


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