Friday, January 10, 2014

TeDDy FaLeY PReSeNTs: "MaRiO DeeP"...

Shout outs to the homie Dirt_Dog for hipp`N me to this one! Got a lil` somethin` for y`all video game fans out there today, a lil` mash-up type joint from Teddy Faley titled "Mario Deep". It features some CLaSSiC Mobb Deep vocals over some beats that Teddy cooked up using samples from the first few Super Mario Bros. video games on the NES. I`ll be honest & say that I was not all that familiar with who Teddy Faley was until I heard this lil` project. He`s a producer & rapper that reps Baltimore, MD & has been doing his thing since 1999, but really only got serious with his craft in 2005. He dropped his debut EP in 2009 titled "Apple Juice" which received some decent props in the Hip Hop blog world. Anyway let`s get back to "Mario Deep" Shall we? It`s a pretty good execution of the idea at least that`s my opinion of the effort after a few listens, it doesn`t come off sounding corny at all. The only joint out of the 5 tracks that I wasn`t totally DiGG`n was the "G.O.D. III" joint & that`s probably more so because I just really dig the original version more.....LoL, my fav`s were "Keep It Thoro" & "Quiet Storm". So there ya have it, go `head & peep it for ya`self maybe even dig out your old NES & dust it off while you`re BuMP`n some "Mario Deep". It`ll get ya good & amp`D up enough to stomp on some Goombas....LoL

Label: N/A
Released: 2013

1. Drop A Shell On `Em
2. Keep It Thoro
3. Quiet Storm
4. G.O.D. III
5. Shell On Earth


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