Monday, December 30, 2013

SaGeiNFiNiTe`s "GReaT MiNDs THiNK ALiKe"...

Got some very iLL Hip Hop to share with y`all comin` courtesy of my homie Wyze Intellect. Sure he`s the one behind the bangin` beats on this project, but that`s besides the point the music really speaks for itself. He teamed up with SageInfinite, an emcee from New Jersey who knows how to flex them lyrics. Wyze Intellect reps Canada & provides the DoPe backdrops for `Infinite to spit his bars to. So what you`re gon` hear is what happens when the Can-Am connection (Canadian/ American in case ya couldn`t figure it out ) works well sonically & lyrically. The project is titled "Great Minds Think Alike" & was released December 7th, 2013 so y`all are getting it while it`s still hot & fresh out the studio.....LoL, One thing that my homie WiNGNuT mentioned while we were both giving this project a listen was that SageInfinite`s vocal tone kind of sounds a little like Mobb Deep`s Prodigy, I could see where he was going with that thought. Don`t get it twisted though y`all `Infinite`s style on the mic is much more lyrical in my opinion...

 Now let`s get to the music shall we? The Intro is short & to the point, nothing super spectacular but it`s not wack either. "Let It Begin" is where the listener really gets to hear what their ears can expect from the rest of this project; a solid beat matched up with equally nice lyrics. On "Hunger" Sage speaks on just that, his hunger to strive & survive over a nice thumpin` backdrop. With it`s simplistic hook "Slap Boxing" is one of my favorite joints, even if it is a lil` on the short side. The braggdocio lyrics of "You Know My Style" mesh well with it`s mellow`D out hazy type beat. "What`s Ya` Life Worth?" has a deep thought provoking vibe to it, Wyze Intellect`s instrumental really compliments `Infinite`s rhymes tackling the subject of self worth...

Comin` again with some deep mental sparkin` lyrics on "The Puzzle", Sage let`s the listeners know that Life`s a Puzzle & that it`s definitely a struggle to make the pieces fit into their place. The iLL piano riffs on "Fear" backed by the thumpin` drums make for a nice head~noddin` piece. `Infinite speaks on the many fears of living Life, stuff that most heads ponder on but if they let it consume them they wouldn`t be able to live out their day to day lives. "Adrenaline" is a shorter song pumped full of lyrics that rep` that "high speed Life". The "Ghetto [Rmx]" opens up with some Joe Pesci samples from a movie that escapes my mind at the moment (it`s probably "Good Fellas"), anyway the aggressiveness of the beat provides a good foundation for Sage`s tough talkin` rhymes...

On "Welcome To My Universe" Sage invites the listeners on a journey into his state of mind while Wyze Intellect helps fuel the trip with his hypnotic instrumental. The beat on "Heat!" for some reason reminds me of playin` a good ol` school 8-bit NES video game like "Megaman" or something.....LoL, nostalgia indeed. `Infinite lets folks know on "Run" that he`s doin` it for the love of the art that Hip Hop is not just for the hype & lime light, he gets his point across with some DoPe lyrics on this one. The remix for "What`s Ya` Life Worth?" is pretty sweet, I`m not sure which beat I DiG more the original or this one. Both tracks are solid joints to peep that`s fo` sho`! "What The Game`s Missin`" has a grimy lil` backdrop to it while `Infinite spits it for Hip Hop. The closing track on this project is my favorite song, "As Time Goes By" has `Infinite speakin` on how the Hip Hop game has switched up & it`s occupants all pretty much cater to the 'Machine' (Industry) in order to gain their plaques...

In my opinion overall "Great Minds Think Alike" makes for a good solid listen, especially if your a fan of that underground Hip Hop sound. Both these kats compliment each other & work well together, one doesn`t out~shine the other. I am definitely lookin` forward to hearing another collabo` between these two that`s for sure. So go `head & hit up the bandcamp site, peep their tunes & if ya DiG the music get your free DL of the project for your listening pleasure...

Label: N/A
Released: 2013

1. Intro
2. Let It Begin
3. Hunger
4. Slap Boxing
5. You Know My Style
6. What`s Ya` Life Worth?
7. The Puzzle
8. Fear
9. Adrenaline
10. Ghetto [Rmx]
11. Welcome To My Universe
12. Heat!
13. Run
14. What`s Ya` Life Worth? [Rmx]
15. What The Game`s Missin`
16. As Time Goes By


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