Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OVeRWeiGHT PooCH`s "FeMaLe PReaCHeR"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted on 11.10.2008...

Back in 2008 while visiting one of the used Record/ CD stores that I used to frequent before I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina I came up on this lil` jewel (that`s somewhat of a rarity). I`m sure that the Buddah high had a lil` somethin` to do with it, but the first thing I did after I read the moniker that this female emcee rock`D was laugh out loud to the point that most of the store was giving me crazy eye`D stares. I mean c`mon, how could ya not laugh at the name Overweight Pooch? Anyway after my fit of laughter I decided that I was going to buy the album for entertainment purposes, not expecting much but a few laughs. At a mere $5 & some tax how could I pass it up? After all if it was horrible at least I`d have an entertaining jewel case to use to roll my joints up on....LoL

Anyway, when it comes to the Overweight Pooch I do not know very much about this woman. I believe that she`s from Phoenix & "Female Preacher" was her debut album & probably the only one she ever released. She rock`D the mic with a whole lot of confidence & was greatly influenced by Roxanne Shante. Originality wasn`t one of Pooch`s strong~points, but what she lacked in originality she made up for in rhymin` SKiLLZ. She definitely had some potential, but I`m guessin` that "Female Preacher" didn`t do so well commercially & the Overweight Pooch`s career ended up malnourished. Stand out joints for me include "Queen of Rap", "Ace Is A Spade", "Boogie-In" & "Kickin` Da Blues". I made some minor adjustments to the files after I ripped the CD, I found that the volume level for most of the tracks was kind of low so I decided to give it a lil` boost to make ya` listening experience a lil` more enjoyable.....LoL, so go `head & check it out for ya`self & enjoy...

Label: A&M Records
Released: 1991 

1. Feeling Good
2. Ace Is A Spade
3. Boogie-In
4. Pooch`s Pimpin` Playhouse [Interlude]/ Who`s Pimping Who?
5. Kickin` Da Blues {ft. CeCe Peniston}
6. I Like It {ft. CeCe Peniston}
7. Female Preacher {ft. CeCe Peniston}
8. The Overweight Jam
9. Queen Of Rap
10. Hip House Party
11. Chat Trax


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