Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DJ Rei DouBLe R & G-Bo The PRo`s "THRoW BaCK: BeST Of VoL. #11 & #12"

First off all, BiG uPs to the homie RuSTy NuTZ! He`s the one that hooked me up with the joint that I`m sharing with y`all today. I`m not sure if he`s the one that personally ripped the mixtape from his collection or if he just passed the files onto me, but either way I`m very thankful. So thanks very much kind sir, the hook up is very much appreciated! Now if any of y`all visitors out there have something that you would like to share with the masses, just holla at me & together we shall get it out there. I`m really trying to gather up a nice collection of the classic mixtapes from the early & late 1990`s because there`s some great tunes on `em. Not only that though, that`s when mixtapes were actual mixtapes not like the ish that gets released now~a~days....LoL, so hook `em up!!!

I got to be honest & say that until RuSTy NuTZ hooked me up with this mixtape I had not heard anything done by DJ Rei Double R & his partner in crime G-Bo The Pro, it`s a DaMn shame I know! Trust me you don`t have to tell me....LoL, anyways for those that aren`t familiar with these 2 kats today`s the day to change that. These 2 fellas reppin` New York have released some major classic mixtapes! It`s definitely a pleasure & an honor to be able  to share with y`all this "Throw Back: Best Of Vol. #11 & #12" tape. What this mixtape consists of is some tracks from their #11 tape titled "Da Stopper" which was released back in March of 1992 & also some joints from their #12 tape titled "Old To Da New" which came out in June of 1992. If you`re a fan of Hip Hop from the early `90's then you should recognize most of the gems on here. The only joint that I found to be a lil` out of place was Mary J. Blige`s "You Remind Me" & that`s only because it`s the sole R&B song on here. It`s a good tune, just a lil` out of place in my opinion...

The only joint on here that I wasn`t DiGG`n much was the "Freestyle" from L.G. (Lyrical Genius), it just wasn`t too impressive. Now to be fair it`s a true freestyle not some pre~written flow stuff so he doesn`t lose my respect, especially since he does drop a nice joint with "Trinidadian" (one of my favorite joints on this tape). On that one he sounds kind of like Slick Rick with the delivery. Until listening to this tape I hadn`t heard anything from L.G. a.k.a. Lyrical Genius so it was kind of a treat, one of the bonuses of discovering this gem of a tape. Another bonus is the awesome remix that Double R does with Rakim`s "Know The Ledge". The original version is my favorite Rakim joint hands down & not only because it reminds me of my favorite movie "Juice" either, it`s just a DoPe gem straight up. So once I heard Double R flippin` it I was an instant fan because he did it so nicely!!!

One thing that I need to mention about this tape is that there`s actually 21 tracks to it & not 20 like the cover lists. The 3rd track is actually Cypress Hill`s "Real Estate", everything else follows as is on the cover after track 3. The only thing about the 3rd track was that it was pretty jacked up, maybe the tape was eaten by a tape deck & that song was the unfortunate victim, I don`t know......LoL, but to remedy that I just cut off the jacked up parts & mixed in the Cypress Hill song so you`ll notice a slight difference if you listen close enough. The only issue is that because the song was so fucked up I couldn`t tell where it originally ends on the tape so I just left the entire song on there. Some folks may not appreciate what I did & that`s fine (I didn`t do it for you!) I really just did this for my personal collection & besides it makes for a smoother listen anyway. So there you have it go `head & check out this gem...

Label: N/A
Released: March & June 1992

1. Intro [Double R Rmx]
2. Jump Around {House Of Pain}
3. Real Estate {Cypress Hill}
4. La Schmoove {Fu Schnickens ft. Phife}
5. They Want EFX {Das EFX}
6. Know The Ledge [Double R Rmx] {Rakim}
7. Uptown Anthem {Naughty By Nature}
8. Days Of Way Bak {BDP ft. Freddie Foxxx}
9. The Choice Is Yours {Black Sheep}
10. Klap Ya` Hands {Das EFX}
11. You Remind Me {Mary J. Blige}
12. Jiggable Pie {AMG}
13. Trinidadian [Double R Rmx] {L.G. (Lyrical Genius)}
14. Intro To #12
15. Fakin` The Funk {Main Source}
16. Don`t Sweat The Technique {Eric B. & Rakim}
17. Poppa Large {Kool Keith}
18. Freestyle {L.G. (Lyrical Genius)}
19. Deep Cover {Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg}
20. DWYCK {Gang Starr ft. Nice & Smooth}
21. T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You) {Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth}


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