DeM CoNNeCTs...

During my searches for "infinite HiP HoP wisdom".....LoL....I have come across many interesting blogs & websites, here`s a few that ya might DiG so check `em out & tell `em LyRiX sent ya...

  • Crack`D WinRAR (You will need this program to unzip most of the files on this blog...)
  • Back 2 Da O.G. (This is ya #1 source for West Coast Gangsta Rap, West Coast G Funk and some of the most rare, unreleased, hard-to-find West Coast dopeness… mixed with the right amount of Funk. This is everything Ruthless and Death Row. WEST UP!!!)
  • Bloggerhouse & WYDU (DoPe & very informative HiP HoP blog...)
  • Bust The Facts (Lots of rare & out of print ish to check out...)
  • Conspiracy Worldwide Hip Hop Radio (Live Radio Shows, Interviews, Freestyles, etc...)
  • Death Row Tapes (Even though it hasn`t been updated in a long while this blog has a good treasure trove of Death Row Records related material...)
  • FaXccelleratioN (Good source of HiP HoP Music...)
  • Heavy Ammunition (been a lack of updates, but this spot is HiP HoP @ high quality...)
  • Hip Hop Canada Dot Com (Get your Canadian HiP HoP fix right here; formus, interviews, free music & much more...)
  • Peaceful Journey (Scratching, mixing, DoPe HiP HoP to please your ears, with DJ Ducats, DJ Rude Boy, Bigstuff & Marko Polo. CAUTION: Highly addictive...)
  • Hip Hop Isn`t Dead (Music commentary from a fan who refuses to let the genre die already. Also, some other stuff...)
  • Kostant Kontact (Even though it`s pretty much dead, this is Stretch Armstrong`s blog...)
  • Living Underwater (Incredible Canadian HiP HoP blog, plenty gems here!!!)
  • Milk Crate Breaks (Out of print HiP HoP...)
  • QB Merlin (Hasn`t been that active, but this blog has some good Queens Bridge related HiP HoP...)
  • The ZRO Hour (HiP HoP podcasts...)
  • Wake Your Daughter Up (Even though it`s dead there`s still some interesting ish here...)
  • Classic Radio Rips (Lots of Hip Hop radio shows, mainly Canadian...)

STaY BLeSS`n...