Tuesday, May 06, 2014

FRaNKeNSTeiN`s "LiVe FRoM NeW YoRK (The ReMiXX ALBuM) [PRoMo ViNyL]"...

Before everybody & their mama started doing remix albums producer/ rapper Frankenstein did it back in 1996, even though it`s more of an EP than an actual full~length. The album in question is titled "Live From New York (The Remixx Album)", the cover says 'Remix' but the sticker label on the vinyl says 'Remixx'......LoL, either way it`s all produced by Toronto`s own Frankie Ano a.k.a. Funkmaster Frankenstein b.k.a. Frankenstein. Some of y`all may be a lil` more familiar with his album titled "UV" that was released a year later in 1997, with the tracks "Rain Is Gone", "All Hands" & "UV" to name a few. If not don`t you worry, I`ll be posting up some more of his stuff in the future...

As for "Live From New York" what you get is a total of 8 remixes from Frankenstein, some joints are much better than others. Sure there isn`t anything that`s super spectacular on here, but Frankie does do some decent work. Standout remixes for me are "Masta I.C.", "Danger", "If I Ruled The World" & "Fakin` Jax". Not too sure why this was released as some double~vinyl since it all could have probably fit on one record, but whatever it makes for a decent listen. If you`re lookin` for a lil` twist on some early '90`s joints then you should definitely check this out...

Label: N/A
Released: 1996

A1. Woo-Haa [Frankenstein Rmx] {Busta Rhymes}
A2. Masta I.C. [Frankenstein Rmx] {Mic Geronimo}
B1. Danger [Frankenstein Rmx] {Blahzay Blahzay}
B2. Shook Ones Pt. III [Frankenstein Rmx] {Mobb Deep}
C1. Fakin` Jax [Frankenstein Rmx] {INI ft. Pete Rock}
C2. Microphone Master [Frankenstein Rmx] {Das EFX ft. Mobb Deep}
D1. If I Ruled The World [Frankenstein Rmx] {Nas ft. Lauryn Hill}
D2. P.L.O. Style [Frankenstein Rmx] {Method Man ft. Carlton Fisk}


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