Monday, February 11, 2008

"SouTH CeNTRaL"...[MoViE]

Here`s a 'hood~flick' from the early `90's that doesn`t really get much light, overshadowed by "Boyz N The Hood", "New Jack City" & "Menace II Society". It may have something to do with the fact that it`s more emotional, not shoot `em up BaNG~BaNG...LoL, anyways the movie takes place in L.A. & opens up with young Bobby Johnson (Glenn Plummer...think Parnell in "Menace II Society") BouNCiN` from jail. After getting into some BeeF with Genie Lamp, a local DRuG~JuGGLeR, Johnson CaPS Genie`s Lamp. He stays on the low for a couple of months, then decides to roll out with a few other fellow Deuce gang MeMBeRS. Along the way, unfortunately for them, they happen to pick up an undercover cop who ends up BuST`n them for possession...

While Johnson`s being questioned by the PoRK~CHoP PaTRoL the newly proclaimed O.G's FiNGeRPRiNTS are match`D to the PRiNTS on the silencer & gun he used to murk Genie. STiCK`n to the code of the STReeTS he takes all the heat & ends up having to serve a dime (10 yearS) in prison. It`s while locked up he finds one of his ol` Deuce HoMieS, Loco & he tells Johnson that his own son, Jimmie is becoming a member of Deuce, stealing stereos for Ray Ray, the leader of the Deuce gang. Johnson has to fight in order to try & get his son out of the gang Life, to keep him from making the same mistakes he did. He has to convince Jimmie that being in a gang, everything that he lived his Life for, is not worth the price you pay...

South Central
  • Studio: Warner Home Video
  • DVD Release Date: July 27, 1999 (Originally Released in 1992)
  • Run Time: 99 minutes


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