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ANQueTTe`s "ReSPeCT"...

Gon` take things down to Miami for this post, back to 1988 for y`all `80's babies like myself....LoL, gotta BiG uP the homie DiRTy KooL AiD for puttin` me on to Anquette`s music. Was over at his crib listenin` to some ol` Miami Bass compilations & she had a few tracks on `em that I was DiGG`n. He gave me a lil` info` on her then I had to get him to rip me a copy of her only album, at least to my knowledge anyway. For those that don`t know about Anquette, it goes somethin` like this...

Anquette was a female rapper from Miami, Florida who started her rappin` career around 1986. She was backed by the Throw The P Girls & introduced herself to the Rap world with "Throw The P", a track most folks refer to as the female version of 2 Live Crew`s "Throw The D" which was already a hit at the time. I guess Luke a.k.a. Luther Campbell was impressed by her song because soon after she was signed to Luke Skywalker Records, which changed later on to Luke Records. While on the label she released a few 12 inches; "Throw The P" in 1986 & "Ghetto Style" in 1987...

Her debut album titled "Respect" was released in 1988, followed by 3 more singles in 1989; "Janet Reno", "I Will Always Be There For You" & "Let`s Rock & Roll Y`all". "Janet Reno" is a track BiGG`n uP the Florida district attormey for lockin` up dead~beat fathers, while "I Will Always Be There For You" is on the R&B love~tip & "Let`s Rock & Roll Y`all" is a joint you could to dance to. After listening to her entire album you could say that Anquette was a pretty well~rounded emcee. Sure she dropped the bass~heavy party~type joints, but she did also tackle social & political issues as well...

On "Mary Mary" Anquette talks about Crack use & warns listeners "to say away from drugs `cuz we ain`t down with space cadets". While on "Material Girl" Anquette covers the topic of gold~DiGGeRs. For those of y`all that like to bust some moves.....LoL you have tracks like "Funky Stuff", "Let`s Rock & Rock Y`all", "Get Off Your Ass & Jam" & "Anquette`s Groove". As versatile as she was as an emcee it`s too bad that Anquette didn`t release much after her "Respect" album. Honestly the only thing that I could find was a joint from 1997, an answer record to B-Rock & The Mizz`s "My Baby Daddy" titled "My Baby Mama" featuring the Southsyde B.O.I.Z...

What I found DoPe about this album is that Anquette & the Throw The P Girls do lil` intros before each track starts. It`s kind of cool because it captures some of the fun that they must`ve had while recording the album, you can hear it in their laughter & ish as they joke around during the intros. "Chitter Chatter", the interlude track is probably the only down~side of the album. I`m sure that Anq` & the Throw The P Girls were just foolin` around in the studio & someone thought it was a good idea to record it, but honestly they sound like they weren`t hooked up right....you know a few screws loose, that or someone gave `em all some Magic Mushrooms. Either way it`s not really worth listening to.....LoL, however the rest of the album is!!!

The album I`ve posted isn`t the greatest sound quality~wise, there`s a bit of a hiss but I`m guessing it`s because it`s a vinyl rip. The record my homie DiRTy KooL AiD ripped it from wasn`t the best quality. To make up for that I`ve included 5 other Anquette tracks as a bonus. The tracks are; "Ghetto Style", "Miami", "Shake It, Do The 61st", "Throw The P" & "My Baby Mama". So go ahead & check out the album, give it a good listen...

Anquette - Respect
Label: Luke Skywalker Records
Released: 1988

1. Introduction/ Respect
2. Janet Reno

3. Funky Stuff

4. Freestyle Rappin`

5. Let`s Rock & Roll Y`All

6. Chitter Chatter [Interlude]

7. Mary Mary

8. Get Off Your Ass & Jam

9. Material Girl

10. Chillin`

11. I Will Always Be There For You

12. Anquette`s Groove

Bonus tracks:

Anquette - Ghetto Style (1987)
Anquette - Miami (1986)

Anquette - Shake It, Do The 61st (1987)

Anquette - Throw The P (1986)

Anquette {ft. Southsyde B.O.I.Z.} - My Baby Mama (1997)


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