Saturday, January 28, 2012

DJ GRaFFiTi PReSeNTs: "ASTRoNoTe - BiGGeR & BeTTeR"...

I missed this joint when it first dropped back in 2009, fortunately for me my homie K-NyNe recently hooked me up with his copy so I could check it out. After giving it a listen I figured that it was something that I should share with y`all, so that`s exactly what I`m doing. DJ Graffiti mixed this joint & Astronote cooked up the beats while Talib Kweli took on the role as host for this Notorious B.I.G. remix project. This was the first time that I heard Astronote`s work, he definitely impressed me though. The backdrops that he created mesh really well with Biggie`s flows, almost like they`re actual tracks that Biggie had worked on. DJ Graffiti does a good job mixin`, scratchin` & blendin` the tracks together in a nice seamless way that makes the listening a lot more enjoyable. So check it out, you will be glad that ya did...

Label: N/A
Released: 2009

1. Intro {ft. Talib Kweli}
2. Young G`s [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Talib Kweli}
3. Niggas [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Buff1}
   4. Don`t Stop Pt. 1 [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Big L}
   5. Everyday Struggle [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Bahamadia}
   6. Interlude #1 {ft. Talib Kweli}
7. Party & Bullshit [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Erykah Badu}
   8. Whatchu Want? [Astronote Rmx]
   9. Dangerous MC`s [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Guilty Simpson & Busta Rhymes}
   10. Let`s Get It On [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Heavy D, 2Pac & Grand Puba}
  11. Dead Wrong [Astronote Rmx]
  12. Interlude #2 {ft. Talib Kweli}
  13. I`m Fucking You Tonight [Astronote Rmx]
  14. Come On [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Sadat X}
  15. Crush On You [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Lil` Kim & Lil` Cease}
  16. Victory [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Puff Daddy & Busta Rhymes}
  17. Outro {ft. Talib Kweli & DJ Graffiti}
  18. Don`t Stop Pt. 2 [Astronote Rmx] {ft. Big L}

R.i.P. BiGGiE...

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