Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HeaDNoDZ` "TRaFFiCKiNG"...

I know that I haven`t been on up this blog much, bare with me I haven`t given up on this thing yet.....LoL, anyway today I have a DoPe lil` Canadian HiP HoP compilation that was put together by DJ/ producer Nick Holder back in 2006. It features 13 tracks in total by Canadian emcees King Reign, Dub Ill, Mathematik, Zaki, PeepShow, Sicsense & Citizen Kane so you know that you`re in for some sweet ol` underground goodness!!!

 I originally copped this back when it first dropped, but stupidly lent it out to someone a few years ago & never got it back. Fortunately for me one of my homies recently came across a copy & picked it up so I was able to rip a copy for myself. Now I can share this hardly mentioned Canadian Hip Hop compilation with y`all. Most of the tracks were produced by Headnodz, except for "Around (ICU)" & "Tonight" -- they were produced by Da Fishermen. So go `head & give it a listen, I`m sure you`ll DiGG it...

Label: Treehouse Records
Released: 2006

1. Happy Endings {ft. King Reign}
2. Bless The Planet {ft. Dub Ill}
3. Around (ICU) {ft. Mathematik}
4. War Crimes {ft. Citizen Kane & Zaki}
5. Kodak Moment {ft. PeepShow}
6. Hilltopics {ft. Sicsense}
7. See You Again {ft. King Reign}
8. Tonight {ft. Mathematik}
9. Grow {ft. Zaki}
10. Easy {ft. Dub Ill}
11. On Top {ft. Mathematik}
12. Call It {ft. Dub Ill}
13. Lies {ft. Citizen Kane & Zaki}


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