Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CRU`s "Up NoRTH b/w PRoNTo" [12 iNCH]...

Here`s a 12 inch single from CRU that was released back in 1997 I believe. "Pronto" is probably my favorite joint from them, I just love the head noddin` beat! That & the fact that this joint takes me back to the days of listening to the college radio HiP HoP shows in hopes of catchin` a new DoPe song to put on my pause~tape that I`d BuMP in my Sony Walkman......LoL, awwww the good ol` days...

Even though "Up North" is decent track, I really only grabbed this for the "Pronto" joint. You get Radio, LP & Instrumental versions of both tracks -- 6 in total all produced by Yogi. The Radio version for "Pronto" is actually pretty enjoyable to listen to, but obviously the LP version is the real banger! Now the Radio version for "Up North" is a lil` more on the annoying side with it`s edits, not too sure why they didn`t just re~write the lyrics instead `cuz it really makes the hook annoying to listen to.....LoL, aside from that it`s a DoPe lil` single. So enjoy this promo 12 inch, excuse the mislabeling -- I have "Pronto" as the A-Side & "Up North" as the B-Side when it`s actually the other way around....LoL, told ya I DiG that track more they should`ve made a video for it...

Label: Violator Records
Released: 1997

A1. Up North [Radio Version]
A2. Up North [LP Version]
A3. Up North [Instr.]
B1. Pronto [Radio Version]
B2. Pronto [LP Version]
B3. Pronto [Instr.]


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