Wednesday, July 04, 2012

DMX`s "GeT At Me DoG" [TaPe SaMPLeR]...

What`s good y`all? Hope Life`s been treatin` ya well. Myself? I`ve been workin` like a mad man the passed few weeks so I haven`t had enough time for the blog as of late. Fortunately for me though, I had today off so I figured that I`d take some time to post up a lil` something for y`all. So what I have to share with y`all is DMX`s "Get At Me Dog" [Tape Sampler], it was released back in 1998 & was used as promo to keep the buzz goin` for X`s debut album "It`s Dark & Hell Is Hot"...

What ya get on this Tape Sampler is basically all of the tracks (snippets unfortunately) that featured DMX from 1997-98, when X was at his hungriest straight eatin` the competition. There`s a few DJ intros/ interludes, some DMX freestyles & even a few snippets of some cuts off his "Get At Me Dog" single. There`s 20 tracks in all, Side 1 is exactly the same as Side 2 & the entire mix is just over 24 minutes long. I spent a lil` time adjusting the volume on the tape & also separated the tracks into individual mp3`s, don`t worry I`ve also included the original rips of Side 1 & 2 in their 24-plus minute mp3 format. So go `head & take a listen, check it out for ya`self...

Label: Def Jam
Released: 1998

1. Funkmaster Flex Intro
2. Get At Me Dog {DMX ft. Sheek from The Lox}
3. Money, Power, Respect {The Lox ft. Lil` Kim & DMX}
4. Cluemanatti Interlude
5. Murdergram {Jay-Z, Ja Rule & DMX}
6. Reggie Reg Interlude
7. Shut `Em Down {Onyx ft. DMX}
8. Usual Suspects {Mic Geronimo ft. Ja Rule & DMX}
9. Boodah Brothers Interlude
10. 24 Hours To Live {Ma$e ft. Puffy & DMX}
11. Pull It {Cam`ron ft. DMX}
12. DJ Ran Interlude
13. 4, 3, 2, 1 {LL Cool J ft. Method Man, Redman & DMX}
14. "I Shot Ya" [Freestyle] {Ja Rule & DMX}
15. Interview with Irv Gotti
16. Stop Being Greedy {DMX}
17. DJ Celo Interlude
18. We Be Clubbin` [Clark Kent Rmx] {Ice Cube ft. DMX}
19. Live Squad & DJ Iran Interlude
20. "Get At Me Dog" [Freestyle] {DMX}




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