Monday, March 11, 2013

KiSH`s "A NaTioN Of HooDs"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted 04.18.2007...

Anonymous said...
 This dude does voice work now, you can catch him in "Saints Row"...
April 1, 2009 at 5:38 PM

I don`t know very much about this kat, but I will share with ya what I do know. Kish a.k.a. Andrew Kishino reps Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He released two albums in his career as an emcee; the first one titled "Order From Chaos" was released back in 1991 & it included his biggest hit "I Rhyme The World In 80 Days", the second album is titled "A Nation Of Hoods" & it was released in 1994. Shortly after releasing his second album he apparently moved out to L.A. to work as a Hip Hop producer, but nothing really panned out for him so he began work as a voice actor. He has done voice work for television, animated cartoons & even video games (which seems to be his bread & butter `cuz he`s done lots of `em). As mentioned by the Anonymous visitor back in 2009 you can hear his work in the video game "Saints Row" as the character Donnie, he also made a returning visit for "Saints Row 2" as Donnie, but also Kish & Ziggy as well. Anyways that`s all that I know of this kat, so now I share with y`all his second album "A Nation Of Hoods". It`s a decent listen, go `head & check it out...

Label: ISBA Music Entertainment Inc.
Released: 1994

1. Straight To Your Grill (2:08)
2. Crates To Concrete (4:26)
3. Sunrise (4:09)
4. A Nation Of Hoods (4:18)
5. You Can`t Sleep On A Shorty (4:14)
6. Props Due (4:17)
7. 3:26 am (3:55)
8. It`s Tha Bomb (4:10)
9. We On Some Next Shit (5:03)
10. Undercover (4:45)
11. Get Off Your Knees (4:24)
12. 4KD (1:32)


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