Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The BeaTNuTs` "SToNe CRaZy [HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN]"...

What`s the deal y`all? I hope that the week has been good to you so far. Today I`m gon` share with y`all another HeRBaN DeLuXe VeRSioN of an album originally released back in 1997 by The Beatnuts, it`s actually my favorite album from the crew & that album`s titled "Stone Crazy". What`s different about this version of "Stone Crazy" is pretty simple; I added the "Off The Books [Rmx]" from their 1998 Remix EP titled "The Spot" & then I also added some instrumentals & acapellas which came mostly from 12 inch singles. I just felt that the album itself is viciously slept on so I figured that it would be kind of iLL to give it a lil` more interest by including a few extra joints; the instrumentals because well it`s really where The `Nuts truly shine. The acapellas were included because I think that it`s kind of interesting to hear the lil` things in the vocals that you may have missed out on `cuz you were noddin` ya` head to the bangin` beats. The "Off The Books [Rmx]" was included because I figured maybe a few folks may not have heard it, even if it`s not as iLL as the original...

Sure Psycho Les & Ju Ju may not have the iLLeST lyrics, but that doesn`t really matter all that much when you allow your eardrums to take in the amazingly DoPe beats that these kats create. Each track (even the Interludes) has their own unique sound, nothing on the album sounds alike yet the tracks still manage to mesh will together to make one awesome piece of work. The Soul, Funk & even Ragtime samples that the Beatnuts chose to use help birth some pretty original & funky vibes. I don`t really have the time to go over each track individually like I would really like to do so you will just have to trust me when I say that this entire album is a great listen! If you are a fan of head noddin` funky beats you need to listen to this...

The standout joints for me are; "Bless The M.I.C." with it`s grindin` guitars & catchiness, "Here`s A Drink" with it`s staggering drums, "Off The Books" (probably the best track on the album) with the guest stealin` verse from the late great Big Pun & it`s uptempo drums & Sesame Street flute sample, "Do You Believe?" is my favorite track on the album with it`s unmistakeably DoPe beat & it`s serious but iLL hook, "Find That" is another DoPe track with it`s infectious beat even if it`s a lil` on the short side, then there`s "Give Me Tha Ass" a comical X-rated track that flips the same sample that was later used for Will Smith`s "Men In Black" track (you can read a lil` something about how the `Nuts felt about that track using the same sample here). So there ya have it folks now go `head & give it a listen, you`ll be glad that ya did...

Label: Relativity
Released: 1997-2013

1. World Famous [Intro]
2. Bless The M.I.C. {ft. Gab Gacha}
3. Intermission
4. Here`s A Drink
5. Off The Books {ft. Big Pun & Cuban Link}
6. Be Proud [Interlude]
7. Do You Believe?
8. Finger Smoke [Interlude]
9. Stone Crazy
10. Niggaz Know
11. Horny Horns [Interlude]
12. Find That
13. Supa Supreme
14. Thinkin` `Bout Cash {ft. Hostyle & Blaq Poet of Screwball}
15. Uncivilized {ft. Don Gobbi}
16. Give Me Tha Ass
17. Strokes {ft. Horny Man}
18. Bonus Beats
19. Here`s A Drink [Instr.]
20. Off The Books [Rmx] {ft. Big Pun & Cuban Link}
21. Off The Books [Instr.]
22. Off The Books [Acapella] {ft. Big Pun & Cuban Link}
23. Do You Believe?  [Instr.]
24. Do You Believe?  [Acapella]
25. Find That [Instr.]
26. Give Me Tha Ass [Instr.]
27. Give Me Tha Ass [Acapella]


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