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Da BRaT`s "ANuTHaFuNKDaFieDTaNTRuM"...

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What`s good my fellow visitors? Today I have for y`all a lil` somethin` that I didn`t even know existed. Now it`s not really rare or anything, I just wasn`t aware of this release. What I`m talkin` about is the double EP album that Da Brat released back in 1996 titled "Anuthafunkdafiedtantrum". If you`re a fan of Da B-R-A-T then you quickly caught on to the fact that the title is just a combination of her first 2 album titles ("Funkdafied" & "Anuthatantrum")...

What you get with this joint is a few songs from both previously mentioned albums, however they`re edited for radio play, or "Rated PG" for the church folks as it states on the album`s cover art. You also get a few songs that weren`t included on either "Funkdafied" or "Anuthatantrum" & those tracks are; "Sittin` On Top Of The World Part II", "Funkdafied [DJ Club Mix]", "Fa All Y`all [Rmx]" & "Da B-Side" featuring Biggie. The Biggie & Brat collabo` is also featured on the "Bad Boys Soundtrack", both are the same Radio Versions...

One thing about this album is that they clearly didn`t need to make it double CD`s, it all could`ve fit onto one disc. I get that each CD is an EP, but it would`ve been a lot cheaper for the label......LoL, oh yeah this was released before music sharing blew up on the Interweb so the label had more then a few extra dollar$ to spare. Anyway, the first disc contains clean versions of tracks from Da Brat`s "Anuthtantrum" album, while the second disc contains clean versions of tracks from her "Funkdafied" album. You would think that they would`ve had the order of the discs switched since "Funkdafied" dropped first, but that`s another story...

The first disc sounds like this...."Sittin` On Top Of The World", "Just A Little Bit More" & "Keepin` It Live" are edited by simply muting the cusses, no BeePs here. "Let`s Get High" is edited by added record scratches over the cusses, while the hook is replaced with the sounds of someone takin` a hit of some Weed instead of "We can all get high". Da Brat reworks her lyrics for this version of "Ghetto Love" featuring T-Boz of TLC fame. "Sittin` On Top Of The World Part II" is more like a remix than a sequel. The beat`s decent while the cusses are muted, I wonder if there`s an unedited version of this track out there???

Disc 2 gives us "Funkdafied", "Fa All Y`all", "Mind Blowin`", "Give It 2 You" & "Da B-Side" edited with reworked lyrics. The "Funkdafied [DJ Club Mix]" is pretty good & the "Fa All Y`all [Rmx]" is nice & funky. Out of these 2 CD`s I gotta say that I dig the second one a lot more, mainly because Da Brat took some extra time to rewrite her lyrics so the tracks weren`t annoyingly edited. I wonder why they didn`t choose to do things the same way for the first disc? Anyway you`ve read my lil` thoughts on the album, go `head & check it out...

Label: So So Def
Released: 1996

Disc 1: Anuthatantrum EP Rated PG
1. Sittin` On Top Of The World {ft. Manuel Seal}
2. Let`s Get High {ft. Krayzie Bone}
3. Just A Little Bit More {ft. Trey Lorenz}
4. Keepin` It Live {ft. Manuel Seal}
5. Ghetto Love {ft. T-Boz}
6. Sittin` On Top Of The World Part II

Disc 2: Funkdafied (Da EP) Rated PG
1. Funkdafied
2. Fa All Y`all {ft. Kandi}
3. Mind Blowin`
4. Give It 2 You
5. Funkdafied [DJ Club Mix]
6. Fa All Y`all [Rmx]
7. Da B-Side [Squeaky Clean] {ft. Biggie}

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