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LiL` MaC`s "The LyRiCaL MiDGeT"...

Re~uPP`d, originally posted 11.16.2007...

This album right here is really for the die~hard Mac (of No Limit Records fame) fans, or for the folks that just like to collect the some~what rare albums. This joint is Mac`s very first album, dropped on Yo! Records way back in 1989 hilariously titled "The Lyrical Midget". That`s right y`all before Mac was known as 'Da Camouflage Assassin' Lil` Mac was 'The Lyrical Midget'. He was 11 years old (possibly 12) spittin` flows mainly written with the help of DJ Mannie Fresh (of Cash Money Records fame), Gregory "D" also helped write the first & last tracks on the album. The beats are credited to 2 Hype Producers, which I think is the duo of both DJ Mannie Fresh & Gregory "D". I could be wrong on that, so if that`s the case don`t hesitate to school me!!!

The album itself isn`t anything ground breaking, c`mon what do ya expect from an 11 or 12 year old anyway? Regardless, I wanted to share it with y`all anyway to shed some light on an artist that I find hasn`t received the props that he should have. It probably has something to do with the fact that he was down with Master P`s No Limit Records, no DiSReSPeCT but that stable really wasn`t known for their lyricists at the time. Or maybe it`s the fact that on September 21, 2001 Mac (born, McKinley J. Phipps Jr.) was convicted of manslaughter charges for the death of 22-year-old Barron C. Victor Jr. That would definitely snuff your lime~light out, actually it would blow the bulb right out on most folks... 

Even though he is serving a 30 year prison bid, maintaining his claim of innocence he has dropped an album titled "Mac Presents: The Lost Tapes" which used to be available at http://www.myspace.com/macphipps. From what I heard it consists of tracks that were unreleased from his days at No Limit Records, but that`s another story for another post...LoL, so go `head & check out Mac`s debut if you`re interested in hearing the beginnings of his career. He may only be a kid on this album, but it shows ya that Mac was a talented individual even at such a young age. It`s a DaMn shame that homie got caught up in that fucked up situation that landed him in prison...

Label: Yo! Records
Released: 1989

1. I Need Wheels 
2. Young & Embarrassed 
3. You Gets Nothin` {ft. T. Wiz & Gregory "D"}
4. Cleo 
5. The Mind 
6. Groove Mellow 
7. Lyrical Midget 
8. Your Days Are Over 
9. You Can`t Receive Me 
10. Gangsta Groove 
11. Disco Jam 
12. Lil` Mac Be Clubbin`

SoLiDFiLeS LiNK...

FiLeSWaP LiNK...


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