Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DJ DiGGa PReSeNTs: "The GoLDeN ERa ReMiXeS VoL. 1"...

Figured that I`d take a lil` break from re~uPP`n & post somethin` that wasn`t up on here yet, so here comes the fun.....LoL, what I have to share with y`all today is a mixtape that was released back in 2008 by DJ Digga titled "The Golden Era Remixes Vol. 1". I shall be honest with y`all, up until a few hours ago I didn`t know who this kat was. I still don`t really know anything else about him expect that he`s reppin` Sweden (you can peep his blog here). The good news though is that it doesn`t matter much because his talent truly speaks for itself, at least on this project anyway. What ya get on this 10 track 27 minute long mixtape is some great beats & some good remixes. Some remixes are much better than others, but even the joints that aren`t super spectacular still have DoPe beats behind them. Honestly these remixes will have you wishing that the project was much longer in running time. Digga does a great job choosing some gems from the `90's to put his own twist on. Standout remixes for me are; Nas` "It Ain`t Hard To Tell", Saukrates` "Father Time", Rasco`s "The Unassisted", Amerie`s "Talkin` To Me" & Das EFX`s "Real Hip Hop". My fav` joint on here is the Saukrates remix, definitely a banger! The other joints are decent, but I found that even though the beats were awesome they just didn`t mesh totally with the vocals. So there you have it y`all, check it out for ya`self it`s definitely worth the 27 minutes that you`ll spend listening to it...

Label: N/A
Released: 2008

1. The Sun Don`t Chill [Intro]
2. It Ain`t Hard To Tell [DJ Digga Rmx] {Nas}
3. Father Time [DJ Digga Rmx] {Saukrates}
4. Slang Editorial [DJ Digga Rmx] {Cappadonna}
5. Ms. Fat Booty [DJ Digga Rmx] {Mos Def}
6. The U.N.A.S.S.I.S.T.E.D. [DJ Digga Rmx] {Rasco}
7. Talkin` To Me [DJ Digga Rmx] {Amerie}
8. Real Hip Hop [DJ Digga Rmx] {Das EFX}
9. Fakin` Jax [DJ Digga Rmx] {Pete Rock & I.N.I.}
10. Rock On [DJ Digga Rmx] {Funkdoobiest}


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