Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DiS `N` DaT`s "BuMPiN`',,,

Been on a lil` bit of a Bass Music kick for about a week now. Gotta be honest though, when I was younger it really wasn`t my thing. Aside from 2 Live Crew I just couldn`t get into it & I think it was just their X-rated rhymes that caught my attention back then.....LoL, so lately I have been listening to a few more artists from the Bass scene to give the genre another shot. So with this post I`m gon` take it back to the 1-9-9-4 with an album from Dis `N` Dat titled "Bumpin`". At the first glance of the album cover I thought that Dancehall queen Patra started a group.....LoL, bein` a sucker for them braids I decided that I had to borrow the album from my homie TaLL CaN ToMMy just so I could check out the music for myself & well share it with y`all...

Now I don`t know much about this female duo consisting of Tishea & Tenesia Bennett a.k.a. Shea-Shea & Nee-Nee. I believe that they`re sisters & they`re reppin` Atlanta, Georgia. They have a Hip Hop vibe to their music, but their sound`s more Bass or Booty Music oriented. The group was down with the 69 Boyz & 95 South as well as the Quad City DJ`s, some heavy hitters on the Bass scene around the early `90's. Dis `N` Dat`s affiliation with these crews is probably why Jay Ski & CC Lemonhead produced the entire album...

"Party" featuring the 69 Boyz kicks things off, it`s also one of the more popular songs off the album. Following the opening joint is "Whoot, Here It Is" which is apparently an answer back/ reply track to 95 South`s "Whoot, There It Is"....no not Tag Team`s "Whoomp, There It Is" though the hooks on the later 2 joints are very similar.....LoL, "Do Dat Thang" comes up next & is sure to get folks dancin` with it`s catchy beat. "Freak Me Baby" follows & continues the danceable vibe. Featuring the 69 Boyz, 95 South & K-Nock, it`s another joint that was chosen as a single -- I can see why...

The beat on the album`s title track "Bumpin`" features a sample that should be recognizable by most Hip Hop headz, that bein` Slick Rick`s "Children Story". On "Hotel, Motel" Dis `N` Dat flips their lil` version of that famous sayin`, watch ya` men ladies.....LoL, the Ol` School Hip Hop samplin`continues on "Yeah, Just Hit Me", this time around they sample "Planet Rock" for the song`s hook. The album closes with the mellow & chill`D out "Dis `N` Dat" which samples The Isley Brothers` "Groove With You"...

Overall even though it`s running time is just over a half hour the album`s a decent listen, if you`re a fan of Bass Music I`m sure that you`ll DiG this one. Sales~wise it was a failure in comparison to the likes of albums from the 69 Boyz, 95 South or even the Quad City DJ`s, but "Bumpin`" still has some overlooked gems within it so go `head & BuMP it.....LoL

Label: Epic
Released: 1994

1. Party {ft. 69 Boyz}
2. Whoot, Here It Is [Hip Hop Mix]
3. Do Dat Thang
4. Freak Me Baby {ft. 69 Boyz, 95 South & K-Nock}
5. Double D Bass [Interlude]
6. Bumpin`
7. Callin` Cleotis [Skit]
8. Hotel Motel
9. Yeah, Just Hit Me
10. Dis `N` Dat


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