Friday, November 29, 2013

CaSSiDy`s "I`m A HuSTLa [PRoMo 12 iNCH]"...

I hope y`all had a great Thanksgiving with your families, I sure did. Ate good & spent some quality time with some loved ones. Anyways I have another 12 inch to share with y`all, this one is by Philly emcee Cassidy. Now I`m gon` be honest & state that I haven`t really listened to much of his music, but this song was getting plenty of play when it first dropped back in 2005. So I am a lil` familiar with this tune, actually it reminds me of my cousin Dawson`s son because every time the song came on he`d start to sing the hook which is a Jay-Z sample from "Dirt Off Your Shoulders"...LoL, what a memory! Anyway this 12 inch was released by J Records & is produced by Swizz Beatz. You get 4 tracks in total on this promo single; the Clean or Radio Version, the Dirty or LP Version, the Instrumental (with adlibs unfortunately) & last but not least the Acappella which thankfully is not censored, I always hate when they choose to use the censored version of the track for the acappella to me it`s just stupid. So there y`all have it, go on & give it a listen...

Label: J Records
Released: 2005

1. I`m A Hustla [Clean Version]
2. I`m A Hustla [Instr.]
3. I`m A Hustla [Dirty Version]
4. I`m A Hustla [Dirty Version Acappella]


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