Sunday, July 06, 2014

CiZZLe`s "No DRaWs"...

Today I`m going to share with y`all an album that I had picked up more so because I was curious as to how it would sound. No one put me on to it, I just came across it by accident really. Found it at a used CD store for a whole $4 so I figured why not grab it. The album in question is titled "No Draws" by Cizzle (a.k.a. Big Cizzle) & it was released back in 2002 thru K`Otic Records. Now I know most of y`all are asking ya`selves who the fuck is Cizzle? Don`t worry you`re probably not the only one.....LoL, I was asking myself the same question while in the store looking at the album cover because the dude on it really looked like Guerilla Black. You know that emcee from Compton, California that sounds a lot like Biggie???

 Turns out that Cizzle a.k.a. Big Cizzle is what Black used to go by a few years before he released "Guerilla City" in 2004. Another interesting fact is that "No Draws" is pretty much just a re~release of the 2001 album "Ya Neva` Seen It Com`n" that he put out under the alias of Big Cizzle, but it came out on Bungalo Records. The only difference between the two of them is the order of the songs & the fact that "I Spit Dat Shit" is added to "No Draws" so it has one more song than "Ya Neva` Seen It Com`n". While rappin` under this 'Cizzle' moniker it`s safe to say that he sounds a lot like Mystikal & even DMX (peep "Ay-Yo") on a track or two. It kind of makes me wonder whether it`s intentional or not because I mean it`s just a lil` too much of a coincidence that he sounds a lot like two well known emcees...

I`ll tell ya one thing though, I definitely like him more when he`s Guerilla Black......LoL, I honestly couldn`t really get into this album under Cizzle because most of the tracks are nothing special & come off to me as just some ol` generic songs that have been done already by plenty of other artists. There`s a few songs that aren`t too shabby like; "Wear`N No Draws", "I Spit Dat Shit", "Lighter `N Da Air" (even if the Reggae vibes seem a lil` forced), "Come On" & "Bitch 4 Me". The rest of the album didn`t hold my attention much, not that it`s completely wack or anything, it`s mostly because it sounds like stuff that I have already heard. It just fails to grab hold of my ears & make me want to listen.....LoL, so there ya have it feel free to check it out if you`re curious...

Label: K`Otic Records
Released: 2002

1. T Cizzle
2. Get This Money
3. Wear`N No Draws
4. Tongue Rings
5. No He Didn`t, No She Didn`t
6. Party On The Coast
7. I Spit Dat Shit
8. Lighter `N Da Air
9. Werk Dem Hips
10. Get`N Freaky Wit` U
11. Come On
12. Ay-Yo
13. Mama`s Papa`s
14. Dime Piece
15. Bitch 4 Me
16. Girl U Nasty



Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this. It was on my want list, so it will be cool to give it a listen & see how it measures up... sounds like not so hot in your critique. hehe ;-) But really, thanks, I appreciate it!


HeRBaN LyRiX said...

No problem, thanks for taking the time to post up a reply. Hope to see ya returning to the blog...

STaY BLeSS`n...

Michael Mixerr said...

Thanks for sharing! I used to be a fan of Guerrila Black back in the mid 2000's.