Tuesday, July 07, 2015

TueSDaY TaPe RiP...G-PaC`s "PaC-N` Um uP [CaSSeTTe EP]"...

First off, let me just address this lil` issue so I can be done with it & move on. If you think that you`re going to get under my skin or waste my time by trolling me on this blog you`re completely mistaken! Not only that you`re wasting your time because that ish simply doesn`t phase me. I just find it fuckin` hilarious that there`s actually some people out there that would take to the time to visit my blog, download the FREE music & then complain about something as stupid as me calling the post a "Tuesday Tape Rip" when the post is actually posted Wednesday at say 12:05am....LoL, get the fuck out of here with that bullshit & suck a sandpaper~covered elephant dick! Not that I need to justify things to you, but here`s the deal fuck~head! Sometimes I have issues with the filehosts that I`m using so the links aren`t always ready even though I have the write up done (on Tuesday), so that is why the posts aren`t always technically posted on Tuesday...

Now that I was able to get the out of the way let`s get back to the business at hand shall we? Oh yeah this is another late post, so deal with it genius! Anyway, today`s Tuesday Tape Rip comes courtesy of the homie Dizz-E Go-Mack. So BiG uPs & a thank you go out to him. What he shared with me is something that I didn`t even know existed until he hooked me up with it, so my apologies for not knowing anything about it. Dizz-E did manage to tell me a very small amount of info` about it, but not a whole lot. So the tape at hand is by G-Pac & it`s a 6~track EP titled "Pac-N' Um Up" that was released back in 1995 by Geta Grip Records. G-Pac represents Oklahoma City, Oklahoma & that my friends is all that I know....LoL, again my apologies y`all. As always if you know anything else about this EP don`t hesitate to school me! The vibe of the EP is definitely more on the G-Funk side, lyrically G-Pac isn`t going to blow your mind with punchlines that`ll have you hittin` rewind, that`s alright though because they do deliver some decent raps. Standout joints for me are; "Droppin` Bombs", "Servin` Funk", "Ain`t No Fak-n" & "Genuine Playaz". So there ya have it y`all, go `head & check it out for ya`selves. Don`t let the fact that it may be unknown to you shy you away from it. Look at it as a potential treasure, a diamond in the rough if you will. Ya never know what you may find! I take this approach with everything that I haven`t heard before because I`ve not only found tunes that I had actually been searching for for years, but I`ve also found some hidden gems so enjoy...

G-Pac - Pac-N' Um Up [Cassette EP]
Record Label: Geta Grip Records
Released: 1995

A1. Droppin` Bombs
A2. Servin` Funk
A3. Pac-N-Um Up
B1. 24-7
B2. Ain`t No Fak-n
B3. Genuine Playaz


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