Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ANGeRViLLe`S "DeaR DaD" b/w "BReaK The LaW" [SiNGLe]

When it comes to good music I just have to share it with folkS, not sure why but somethin` about it just makes me want to spread it around like Cancer. Being really impressed with Angerville`s debut album "Rebellion" I just had to share their first single & music video with y`all. Definitely worth some of your attention, so first off we`ve got the video for "Break The Law" featuring K-Dot (you can peep more of his music here). Honestly you`re not gon` get all hyped up while watchin` it, but if ya listen to the track itself you may....LoL, the video`s alright though for what it is, don`t get me wrong. When Fortunato of Angerville was down in the O~Double T (Ottawa) back on the 1st of this month we got to talk`N about the video & he told me that they basically just put it together to have somethin` out there, you know to generate a buzz. He also mentioned that the next video they do is going to be done much better, it`ll have more of a professional look to it. Found out the other day that that next video will be for "Dear Dad", so look out for that until then check out the video for "Break The Law"...

Next up is the actual single for "Break The Law" & "Dear Dad". Both great trackS to select for a single, you`ve got that HaRDCoRe HiP HoP vibe then on the flip you get some DeeP HeaRTFeLT ish. The instrumentalS & acapellaS are included as well so all y`all DJs, producerS & emceeS can rock to `em in your own wayS. If ya decide to remix or spit over the beatS feel free so send me a link, I`d love to hear what you`ve done & I`m sure both Gamshooter & Angerville wouldn`t mind checkin` it out either. So go `head & peep the single, drop ya` thoughtS when you`re done...

Released: 2008

1. Dear Dad [Street]
2. Dear Dad [Acapella]
3. Dear Dad [Instr.]
4. Break The Law {ft. K-Dot} [Street]
5. Break The Law {ft. K-Dot} [Acapella]
6. Break The Law [Instr.]

You`ve had your sample, now go out & CoP The ALBuM!!!


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